Monday, 29 November 2010

Keeping up appearances .....

No I've not turned into Hyacinth Bucket ..... there is some mega crap affecting my life at the moment and my menobrain keeps replaying it like an old record with the needle stuck so this morning I decided to keep focused and carry on as usual ..... mostly to keep sane and the rest to protect the small children that surround me.

I am following several useful blogs at the moment ..... Floss has started her Pause in Advent posts and these never fail to provoke deep thought and lift the spirits ...... Tracey just makes me laugh which is always a good thing ..... Frugal Queen has an abundance of fantastic budgeting tips and is well worth a visit especially at this time of year when the pressure is on.

What have I been doing today??? 
  Trying to keep warm although we have been extremely lucky and only have a dusting of snow at the moment and keeping busy making the Mary costume for my grand-daughter's Nativity next week (I'll take some photo tomorrow when I get madam to model it for me).  Yes, I did say Nativity, that naughty word that has seemed to disappear from schools and playgroups over recent years.  I am not a churchgoer nor religious person but I do hold core beliefs and wholeheartedly support traditions.  Something has stirred and our school is putting on a Christmas production with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, sheep and all ..... hurrah!  In honour of this we dug out the old video of our girls in the school Nativity in 1992 and it brought tears to the eyes.  Life seems to have gone full circle again and here I am getting ready to watch my two eldest grandchildren .... man size Kleenex at the ready !

I have also been adding to my Lillian Rowles collection .... you will recall that this Lillian is the artist responsible for my beautiful baby avatar and relation of Julie over at The Cloth Shed.

These are pages from Punch Summer 1923 and Punch's Almanack for 1924 ...... the Aspreys and Mobiloil ads are on on the back of the Hovis ads ..... take a close look at the Asprey's Christmas novelties available that year.
I am also working on another upcycled quilt .... this one is in the Granny's Garden design and when I can get some decent photos taken in good light I will try to post a tutorial.  It is basically a series of 6 hexagons sewn around a central hex which is then appliqued to a backing square of plain fabric.  When all joined together it gives the appearance of lovely big daisy like flower heads. 

Keep warm and keep safe x


  1. Well done with the Lillian Hovis adverts.....haven't seen those before.
    Good luck with the hexagon quilt too, I haven't the patience for anything like I really admire anyone who can!
    Julie x

  2. It's my grandkids nativity next week.....I made the sheep costume for my grandson! Nowdays you can't take a bloody photograph let alone a's SAD! xxx

  3. I was always a wreck at the school nativity -other mothers avoided me because I am a noisy sunuffler! Your crafting looks great. Hope whatever is causing you the stress soon lifts. xxxx

  4. Make the most of the video'd nativity, I understand there are many schools which ban you from doing this nowadays, in the name of child safety. I see their point, it is so easy for others to get hold of pics on the internet and so on fraudulently, but why do people have to spoil such innocence?
    I made two of the grandmother's flower garden quilts. One was very dramatic with a 'path' of black hexagons joining the flowers which were made of bold strong colours (what the customer wanted), and another with cream and chintzy fabrics, which was what I wanted!

  5. Oh hexie madness! They are fun. Looking forward to seeing the outfit, I bet Ellie looks fabulous. Glad to see you posting.

  6. Lovely to see you around again. Hope whatever it is that is wrong "sorts" itself. Enjoy that nativity play and I look forward to seeing that quilt.

  7. Can I have some of your patience, sprinkled with a little of your energy please???
    You always amaze me, keep on keeping on hun.

    love & blessings