Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunny Sunday

I had a lovely sleep last night and as my daughter was at home to look after the patient I decided to pop over to Hitchin for the car boot ..... sadly the other one I usually visit on a Sunday finished last week. It is held at Stondon and is the best organised around these parts and as a seller it is good value at £4 a pitch ..... no market traders are allowed so it is completely proper car booters. However the petty minded local authority bureaucrats have decreed that they are only allowed 14 per year because it spoils the local amenity !!!! It is held in a field in open countryside which would just sit idle otherwise and they seem to have forgotten that it offers a valuable recycling service, keeps a lot of unwanted goods out of landfill, offers cash strapped purchasers the opportunity to buy things at an affordable price and also offers a source of fresh air and exercise for us townies.
Anyhow I digress, Hitchin is a lovely market town and I spent a lot of my shopping time over there .... I hate Luton town centre ... it is concrete and has no soul with a dreary inside shopping centre. The lovely sunshine had brought lots of sellers out and my bargain find today was three bags of fabric pieces for a fiver. Sad thing that I am, I came home and sorted them out, pressed them and sorted into colours and patterns. They are all mini prints and there are also 14 little bags which are labelled doll's house fabric (with price tags of between 60p and £1 on each) so I am really pleased. There are nursery prints, Christmas fabric, ditzy florals, animal prints, spots, William Morris style mini prints, pinks, blues, browns, primaries ...... I'm off to find a little spot in my stash room for them now.


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    What a fabulous fabric find at the car boot - lucky you!!

    Julia :0)

  2. What a lucky find!!! You never know what will turn up!!


  3. flamin nora!...what a haul will be the envy of alot of our SCC ladies...theres some seriously lovely fabrics there ...well done hun xxx

  4. Brilliant finds.

    Do they still have the market at Hitchin? I used to go there when I was little with my Mum and Nan ..... over 40 years ago!

  5. Wow, what a lovely lot of fabric - lucky you!

  6. Looks like you made some great finds - well done!

    Pomona x