Monday, 24 August 2009

When Molly met Ruby

We have had another busy day at Lala Towers ..... this morning the newest member of our family came for a visit ..... Molly was very curious and after the customary sniffing ceremony wanted to play with her new friend. Binks the cat looked on as if to say oh no not another bloody dog!!! and spent the rest of the day sulking in Molly's bed. Ruby made herself right at home and after the introductions to all the family and the minded children and neighbours and anyone else really who passes through this madhouse, she curled up under the coffee table and went to sleep. Ellie was delighted
Jack was totally overcome

The little lady posing in the garden ... she is five weeks old on Friday and will be moving in permanently in two weeks time

Well that is the last Monday of the summer holidays done and dusted and in amongst the usual chaos the children had a treasure hunt this morning ..... I then had to spend a few hours at the hospital with husband this afternoon for him to have a scan to confirm whether or not he had a DVT ..... a big sigh of relief it was just a lot of internal bruising causing the pain and swelling so no more visits for the time being ..... the hospital at home nursing team are looking after him now and I must say do a terrific job. I've just caught up with Jam & Jerusalem on the TV as I missed it last night because my friend popped in and we ended up nattering as you do. The people who back onto our house kindly put a note through the letterbox on Saturday to say that they were having a christening party yesterday and it would go on until late and there would be a lot of people there. How thoughtful ...... or was it ..... the music was great (they are from Jamaica so lots of reggae and carnival type music which I love) but very loud and they had some idiot MC who continally talked and shouted down a mike the whole time. During the evening this was bearable and we were down the garden jigging around with the chooks but by half three this morning I'd had enough ..... having an early night tonight to catch up on the lost shut eye and hope that the noise of the children in the garden this morning put paid to their hungover lie-in .... I always say don't get mad get even ;-)


  1. What cute photos! Loved the sentiment in the last sentence, made me laugh out loud! :O) x

  2. So glad your husband is ok. What a relief for you all. Cute pics. Remember - revenge is best served cold. lol x

  3. Hopefully when they're hormonal, daughter will bear the brunt of it - I'll be old enough to pretend I'm deaf - lol xx