Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Been a bit of a lazy blogger but have a good excuse ..

On Saturday we awoke to brilliant sunshine and just look at the blue sky. This was the setting for the wedding of my number two son .... Putteridge Bury House ..... a history of this lovely old building can be found here
Here is the happy couple

OOps no sorry that's Ellie's dolls ... her auntie Lala found the wedding suits in the Baby Born section of Toys R Us and we just had to have them for the big day.
This is the real happy couple

This is the before shot of a very nervous groom and best man ...... my boys (well they are still boys to me!)

The other happy couple in my life .... the grandchildren

The sun was so bright we had to improvise with Jack's headgear ..... I can't believe he is 7 weeks old today already
The princesses

My two lovely daughters and SIL

We moved onto the bride's home village for the reception .... everything ran like clockwork and we had a brilliant day. Her dad had secretly arranged for a firework display and we all lit chinese lanterns and watched them float into the night sky later in the evening.
I want to know now who turned summer off .... since Sunday evening it has been dull, damp and windy and here I sit at 7.15 pm and it's getting dark ..... I hate the dark nights and mornings and start to go into hibernation mode. I do however have a lovely new form of foot warmer in the shape of a little black bundle of furry mischief called Ruby .... a cocker spaniel .... we collected her on Sunday afternoon and she has made herself right at home already as you can see .... Molly has taken to her and has no choice in sharing her bed as the cheeky little madam just jumps in and gets comfy. She is booked for her first vaccinations tomorrow.


  1. Congrats to number 2 son and how great that the sun shone. Looks like you all had a good day. Lovely footwarmer too.

  2. Looks like it was a fantastic day. I was wondering where you were and what you were up to.... now I KNOW! Lovely little dog. Wish I was allowed one......... :O( x