Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A day of mixed feelings and a fond farewell

It's here at last ..... the final day of the summer holidays for my lot and an achievement for me as there has been so much going on at Lala Towers over the past six weeks. We started off in the first week with the arrival of our third grandchild Jack who made my day today with the biggest cheesiest grin ..... I was sticking my tongue out at him (try it yourself from around 5 weeks they will watch and copy you) and it felt wonderful!
We had a wonderful wedding to attend in early August and we're currently preparing ourselves for the wedding of number two son on 12th September. My Gok Banger Buster arrived today (not that I need it with my bazookas) and I'm all set now for the big day.
Week three was knee replacement week for husband and although it is healing well he is in a lot of pain and at times is being a right pain (in my butt). Doesn't look as though he'll be off his crutches in time for the wedding but we should be able to prop him up for the photos!
One of my minded children starts big school tomorrow and bless her she arrived this morning with this lovely bouquet and a box of cakes to share with the other children. She has been with me for two & half years and the change in her has been amazing ..... my gift to all the children who leave is an album of photos of their time with us for them to look back on as they grow. We will still see her again in school holidays but for the time being it was a fond farewell till the end of October.
I can sew, knit and crochet but I'm no flower arranger ..... when I undid the cellophane on the bouquet I was stunned to see three gorgeous cabbage stems ...... I've had ornamental cabbages in the garden but have never seen them in a flower arrangement and they look absolutely stunning. It looks like Kew Gardens round here at the moment with these and the other flowers we acquired on Monday at the Flower & Produce Show. I'd run out of vases so I had to use the jug from a wash set that I usually keep on top of the larder cupboard because I don't want the small people to break it. It is a lovely flow blue design called Tom Tit and has delightful little birds on it .... it was made by the Methven factory in Scotland in the 1890s and is quite rare.


  1. LOVELY POST!! Those little children obviously think a lot of you!! Beautiful flowers, and a lovely jug!!
    Hope hubby recovers quickly! These things take their time , don't they? You must be really looking forward to the wedding!!

    Sharon xx

  2. What a lovely idea to give the children an album of their time with you.

  3. My charge started "Big School" this week...... unbelievable how she coped with it considering her problems. I went with her today to a celebration of Girl Guides (one hundred years), three thousand Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows........... wonderful, just wonderful. We did Circus Skills, Face Painting, held an Iguana, laughed a lot and did all sorts of wonderful things. Enjoy your piece of freedom! x