Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Henny Penny is my hero (or should that be heroine???)

 Yesterday morning as I sat in the beautiful sunshine with some embroidery in hand there was a knock at the door. The postie with a box .... a very large box ..... stuffed to the gills with loveliness. Was it a coincidence that as I had been sitting there thinking about our holidays in Dorset and dreaming of visiting that lovely county again that the box had arrived from the very same place.

I had been extemely lucky to have been picked in Ted & Bunny's Very Vintage Giveaway by the gorgeous Henny Penny and you would just not believe the generosity of this lovely blogger and the splendiferousness in the box.  Wow, wow and thrice wow!


You are truly a woman after my own heart and I love every single item which was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and gingham ribbon ... I now just have to decide where to place them in this highly disorganised clutterholic's paradise of mine  .... thank you so much Ted & Bunny and of course Henny Penny xx


  1. You are one lucky lady every thing is so lovely,blog world is just he greatest be that lovely pressies or lovely comments it is the best place to visit especialy for support.

    Hugs Pat

  2. Oh how lovely!! I especially like the picture of all the children together...

    Enjoy finding homes for all your new treasures.


  3. WOW! INDEED! I love the look of the length of pink lace...............

    Hennypenny is a STAR!

  4. What a giveaway, I love the picture of the curly haired child.

  5. What a lovely post- I'm just so happy that you love all the vintage pieces.
    Thanks for taking part in the Giveaway and being such a great winner.
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

    Henny is feeling very fluffed up about her new blogpage too, the draw left her convinced she's a Very Important Poultry!

    (mad or what?!)