Saturday, 12 June 2010

Memories and booty bargains

What have I been doing with myself this week???   Well, my sister celebrates her Silver Wedding in August and my nephew is busy arranging a surprise party for them and asked if I would sort out anything I had that he could use.  Being the perpetual hoarder that I am I ventured into the black hole that is called the loft .... anything I can't bear to part with (useless and useful) is popped in there, to see what I could find.

Here we all are on the day ..... that's me on the right and my first born is the little man with the dicky bow.  The bridesmaid's dresses were handmade by me in a peach cotton trimmed with lace and you guessed it I've still got it.  Modelled by my new Freecycle acquisition .... hopefully to be recovered in something a little more fetching.

I also found in the same battered old suitcase this quilt that I made for said first born (he's 28 now!)

and a UFO which was going to be a crochet cotton bedspread which I must have given up on

and my own wedding dress .... again hand made and now 32 years old ..... my darling grand-daughter looked at it this morning, raised her eyebrows and said you're not going to wear that are you nanny (we are off to a friend's wedding reception this evening!).  We got married on a very tight budget on a wet and windy November day and I'm not a meringue type of girl anyway.

and I don't stand a cat in hells chance in getting in either of them these days (thank goodness!)

We went off to the car boot this morning and I'm pleased to report a successful morning of thrifting

Four curtain panels in a lovely floral chintz .... very useful and they are lined too which comes in handy for the backing fabric for string blocks

A vintage 1960s souvenir from Switzerland which opens to reveal

and the music mechanism still works while the little ballerina twirls

A Brixham Pottery nursery rhyme money box

A naked baby with cry mechanism (sadly not working) which I think again is 1960s as I had one very similar when I was small

Some Sanctuary hand treatment and a vintage sugar shaker

Two pretty dresses BNWT in lovely fabric that I am going to repurpose.

and finally some vintage linens which are a little tatty and stained in places but there is some useful crochet edging and hand embroidery that can be repurposed and what's left used as string block backing fabric.  Waste not want not ladies ;-)

Total spend = £15.00

As I mentioned earlier in the post we are off to a wedding reception this evening and it is a football free zone !!

Have a good weekend everyone x


  1. Some excellent finds again Debbie. Love the mannequin - does she have a name? I've been keeping an eye out for one, but no luck so far.

    Hope you have an enjoyable evening :-)

  2. Oooh Lala what treasures. My wedding dress was handmade in the 70s ... think it cost about £7.50! My mum made it and it was not in the least meringue like either! I still have it in the loft somewhere ...

  3. I got married in a woollen two piece - I still have it, but can hardly get my arms down the sleeves any more! You have a fine haul of bargains there looking forward to some repurposed items.

  4. What treasure you have in that loft, how wonderul. I adore the fabric on that red dress, how wonderful

  5. It must have taken you ages to make three bridesmaid's dresses. I've still got my wedding dress in a box, with veil and shoes though I'm sure none of my daughters will want anything to do with. Your finds are amazing, I couldn't find anything like that for that amount of money. I obviously live in the wrong part of the country(Bucks).x

  6. I actually really like your wedding dress!

    The wedding piccie reminds me of my sisters, you can't mistake the 80s can you ;o)

    You got some lovely stuff there. Went to boot sale with me mum this morning and got a lovely typewriter which I have wanted for ages, only 2 quid so very happy bunny. xx