Sunday, 13 November 2011

What did we do BI (before internet) .......

My second daughter has returned to college this year to do the Access to Health & Social Care course in preparation for undertaking a midwifery degree next year .... consequently she keeps nicking my laptop and although I can read a few forums from my phone I can't comment and have had severe withdrawal symptoms this week!

Having said that I have got lots more done and by making a list every day and updating it as the week went on, it is amazing how much can be achieved when not attached to the interweb ;-)

Felt Christmas decorations have been completed with some lovely felt from Annie The Felt Fairy but like a numpty I forgot to take photos before I took them down to Country Matters at Hexton .... this glorious Aladdin's Cave of goodies is decked out for the Christmas period now and I picked up a couple of bargains myself down there this week.

This is last year's Dotcomgiftshop's Advent Box .... it is so sweet and will last for years for the grandchildren to open and thankfully there is enough room in each little box for sweeties for all of them!

This little hanging ornament in the shape of a tree is simply three copper cones that make a lovely ringing sound when shaken .... it was only £1.25 and I hope there are some left when I go down again at the end of the week.

A visit to the wool shop in Baldock was on the agenda yesterday .... Baldock is a small Georgian market town with some lovely old buildings on the High Street

I am loving Katia yarn .... it is from Spain and the range is fantastic .... the Triana is used for boa scarves like this

I did make another grey mix one last night to go with my bargainous M & S coat from the charity shop but a certain little lady who has been on sleepover with us this weekend pinched it!

It's a wool/cashmere mix and is so light and soft and looks as though it has never been worn all for the princely sum of £8 ..... Ellie did make laugh though when she said nanny Pat from Eastenders wears a coat like that!  Mmmmm I was quite confident till she said that .... better not be wearing any big dangly earrings with it then!

Some more finds this week were ...

an Oak tea trolley from the CS .... now on the project list for a paint job but in the meantime commandeered by said little lady as her desk cum dolly trolley

A nice little occasional table ... again on the paint job project list

Three vintage needlework magazines all with the pattern sheets unused inside

I had no idea that the Littlewoods catalogue had been around this long and that sitting room !

Can you imagine having to wear this???  Especially if there was a wet accident .... yuk !

and a little forward thinking to next summer ladies ..... fancy having a go at some rather fetching crochet headgear ?


I found this in one of my craft room drawers .... probably acquired at a car boot but I really can't remember .... perfect for these dark evenings and the Christmas tree when it comes down from the loft in a couple of weeks.

The Victorian Oak mirror from the Essex auction has had a polish and now hangs in the hall

 This charming print of Fred Morgan's oil painting 'Never Mind' came from the same auction and must have been living in an attic next to a chimney .... it was absolutely filthy with soot but has cleaned up nicely and the frame has had a coat of black enamel paint .... he apparently painted some of the Pear's Soap pictures and this one dates to 1884.

Finally my daughter's friend wanted a personalised present for her mum .... this is her favourite verse which I have transferred to a piece of vintage linen which is sewn onto some blue ticking stripe fabric to make an envelope back cushion cover.  Hope she likes it!


  1. I can't remember life BI,, it sure takes over.....but I think I used to get out more and drink more tea with friends! Now we all seem to communicate via FB and twitter and email.....I struggle to remember when I last wrote/received a letter!
    I miss the old days and old ways!


  2. I remember life before the internet. The children were young and I could go day's or weeks without catching up with friends. The internet has allowed me keep up with friends who I otherwise would have lost touch with. Facebook lets me know who else has insomnia and is online at 3am in the morning. I have been able to get rid of some books that were kept just in case as now I have the world at my fingertips and can answer (most) questions. We no longer have those endless argument's about "what were they in before". I defiantly feel my life is better for having the internet.

  3. Wow you have been busy, I know the internet wastes loads of my time. I love the cushion you have made, what a lovely idea for a special present.
    Ann x

  4. You can be absolutely sure of the kind of comments you'd get wearing that crochet 'hat' these days, can't you?

    Great things. Thanks for sharing. xx

  5. What a treasure trove! You are brilliant at making use of your findings.

  6. Wow, what great finds. Love the coat. What a coïncidence, I made a scarf with Katia Ondas. You can find some pics on my blog.

  7. I know!! I've just been to Norfolk for a week and tried keeping up with blogs on my iphone but gave myself a headache trying to read the small font and not getting a connection anywhere! I love the tea trolley. What colour will you paint it? You have been busy!