Sunday, 27 November 2011

Paper Chain Decorations

27/11/2011 by Lalabibaby
27/11/2011, a photo by Lalabibaby on Flickr.

What a great way of re-purposng tatty old vintage children's books for Christmas decorations .... this one is Noddy and his friends


  1. Fab idea! Don't they look great. Did it feel funny cutting them up though?!

  2. A great use of the books. A cosy feel to them.....

  3. No Vicky ... The covers and spines were falling apart and I just felt it was giving those lovely old pages a new lease of life x

  4. My elder son freaks out at cutting things up - it's a shame because I entirely take your point about giving things a new life - I have to hide them from him when I do things like this! But I like what you've done a lot. Thanks for your encouraging comment, too.