Friday, 2 December 2011

Looking back ......

Can you really believe this was happening 12 months ago?

Apart from a frost this morning it is gorgeous out there now with blue sky and sunshine and I even saw a live wasp on my way back in the front door after dog walking.

December already and hopefully this weekend will see the decorations go up if I can get myself organised and into the loft.  Space has to be made downstairs first though and I feel a little freecycling coming on later .... I've been feeling restless lately and in need of a change so for 2012 it may be a case of out with the old/in with the new (or newish because almost everything I acquire is secondhand and I'm proud of it).

Talking of acquisitions this little beauty was delivered this week .... a Fleabay bargain and the seller is based about 5 mins away from me so how good was that!

It is painted with F & B Calke Green and now I have seen it there may be some colour changes ahead .... green is my favourite colour

I decided against buying crappo wrapping paper that tears as soon as you look at this year and I'm using good old fashioned brown paper with Christmas ribbon and homemade felt reindeer heads .... I have embroidered names on the back so the littlies have a dual purpose tag/tree decoration.  Gonna use some Christmas stamps for the grown ups I think.

I hope to find time at the weekend to make some more vintage book paper chains .... these books are ex-library so are well used and not really fit for any other purpose so rather than have them sit in a box I think their new lease of life will be around for a few more Christmases yet.


  1. A very handsome piece of furniture, in a rather scrumptious colour.
    Who's the furry beauty?
    Those parcels look adorable...what a great idea!
    Make sure you have someone around when you're up in that loft!
    Z xx

  2. It all looks great, really love the paper chains,good to give something a second life .Linda xx

  3. That piece of furniture was definitely a find! Looks fabbo. Planning to me decs up next weekend, torn between real tree or me fake tree again this year. Can't believe how quick it has all come around! Lolo xx

  4. I love packages wrapped up in brown paper!
    Thank you for the lovely comment!


  5. I'm also ditching the crappy Xmas paper this year and going for the brown stuff with luggage labels. Love love love your reindeer tags, lucky recipients! Also loving your paper chains, what a fabulous idea. xx