Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oliver muscles in again .......

05/12/2011 by Lalabibaby
05/12/2011, a photo by Lalabibaby on Flickr.

While I was in the loft getting the decorations down I found this ..... A lovely vintage pine washstand that I bought around 8 years ago but had to take out of the room once grandchildren and minded children arrived. My wash set ( the basin and jug are - by Methven of Scotland and called Tom Tit and the guz is a Rathbone of Staffordshire) have been living on the cupboard tops out of reach from little fingers. About time they came out of hiding .... Oliver was his usual curious self and had a good sniff as if to say "what is this?'"


  1. Always nice to rediscover treasures, that would be beautiful in a guest room (if I had one!)

  2. Love the stand, and the pots :-)

  3. It's so nice when you find something lovely you forgot you had! Its like Christmas!!!