Sunday, 4 December 2011

Getting ahead of myself .....

Blimey I have excelled myself this weekend and have got the tree and most of the decorations up a day earlier than planned.  Seems strange though this year without the snow outside to give that festive feel.  Yesterday on my walk with the dogs I did some foraging .... some branches for spraying gold, pine cones and some sloes to make some sloe gin .... nothing like a drop of mother's ruin !

I didn't realise till I downloaded the photos that there is a ladybird on the pine cones if you look carefully ... heaven knows where she is now.

I made it to the car boot this morning and did find one lovely bargain .... a set of pretty 1930s pink glass bowls - large fruit bowl & six serving dishes

Can't wait till it gets dark later and I can turn on all the twinklies ready for a peaceful Sunday evening.

Hope you have all had a good weekend x


  1. I've been doing my pine cones. I drilled a hole in the base then used "No More Nails" to stick in the canes. Now picture this - I thought it would be a time saving idea to dip the cones into an old tin of white emulsion - WRONG WRONG WRONG. I'll leave you to imagine the mess on my clothes and on mums grass! xx

  2. Looking lovely Lala ...

    I'm not ahead of myself at all!

    My Mum had/has a set of those dessert dishes in a turquoisey blue! She must have bought them from your neck of the woods.

    LOVE the Christmas header btw.

  3. Ooo my Grandma used to have those bowls !!!
    I wish we'd have a bit of snow to make me feel more festive, the only organised thing I've done so far is write my Chrimbo cards this afternoon !
    Twiggy x

  4. I tried earlier to leave a comment, but either Blogger or my computer are playing up.
    I laughed my head off at the first comment - just wonderful!

    Amazed at the weird fact that in December we are able to see live Ladybirds trundling on pinecones and then I left the request that if ever you should find that same dessert set, but in clear glass, then can you buy it on my behalf. I have the large bowl (its one of my favourites and I would love the smaller ones to go with it!).

  5. I wish I was getting ahead of myself - I seem to be getting behind instead!