Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bucking the trend .......

Well we have safely got to the other side for another year ..... I love the build up to Christmas but always feel somewhat deflated on the big day itself.  Why I ask myself ????  It could be because it has no religious significance to me as although I try to live a good honest life I am not a church person ..... or is it the anticipation and anxiety or fear of disappointment ???  I will find the answer one day I am sure and this year I was determined not to get dragged into the turkey and sprout fest that the supermarkets and TV chefs keep ramming down our throats.  Am I just being awkward .... please tell me there is someone else out there who feels like this??

Having prepared a traditional Christmas dinner every year since 1979 this year it was time for a change and I threatened the family with the local Indian restaurant much to their dismay.  I just couldn't face hours in the kitchen and then sitting down and looking at a plate full of food that I wasn't going to enjoy.  A couple of days before Christmas my daughters announced that they had indeed booked a table for us at the Indian and off we went at three thirty for something completely different.  I did have a giggle with an Indian lady and her husband at the market on Christmas Eve when she mentioned turkey ..... I said you'll never guess what we are having and when I told her it was curry she grinned and said she was having turkey as they have curry every other day of the year!  So perhaps it wasn't just me who fancied a change.

The restaurant was all lit up with Christmas music playing in the background and it was packed!  We had a lovely relaxed three course meal with coffee for £20 a head ..... compared with the £60 that some pub restaurants were asking on the day that seemed the real deal to me.  It was delicious and I am so glad we made the break with tradition.

I can't believe it is nearly Thursday already and tomorrow I am off to enjoy one of my pressies .... a trip to London to the theatre to see Million Dollar Quartet ... better dust off my blue suede shoes coz there will be some walking around Covent Garden to do too!


  1. I'm with you on the Christmas "feeling". I love the run up and anticipation on Christmas Eve but, I think, because Christmas Day is engineered to be the "big day" it's not a spontaneous feeling. We are kind of pushed into it. I've always loved Boxing Day when the pressure is off.

    For many, it is a time of sadness too.

    Enjoy your trip to London!

  2. I think everyone has that 'bit in the middle' feeling. However we don't do the huge christmas meal thing here - its a Sunday lunch with extra's - we split the prep between us and do it along to whatever music has been received as pressies or if none the christmas songs cd.

    I do like the sounds of going out for a curry though - if only we had restaurants open near us - Suffolk is still very stuck in the past!!

  3. The Christmas meal is done here and I don't mind. I have to admit I did get the Cinderella Syndrom - especially when it was obvious I was expected to clear up after the meal as well. Still, that wound is healing and I have the helpful side of the family here for New Year!

    Have a wonderful New Year yourself and I'm so glad you had a stress-free and lovely Christmas dinner. xx

  4. Its good to do something different at Christmas occasionally! Sounds like you had a good time ... and no washing up!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I know exactly what you mean, we have a great Indian restaurant about 2 minutes walk from our house and the same idea crossed my mind. I think maybe we will give it a go next year. We have spent a few New Years eves there though and there is always a lovely friendly atmosphere. Hope you have a fab time in London and it stays dry for you.
    Ann x

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  7. I would love to do what you did - smashing idea - but my husband would fall over laughing (once his shock abated) at the very idea.

    Like Andi said, my day was Cindarella-ish. Nobody offered to help clean up and I finished in the kitchen at 8pm. Family never ceases to amaze.

    Hope your London outing is wonderful.

  8. I would love a change like that!! I cooked Christmas dinner on Christmas day and then again on Boxing day! I don't mind the cooking but I agree with's all the blooming' tidying up afterwards which gets to me!!
    It would be lovely to have just one Christmas being completely waited on!!

  9. Great post. We felt the same boxing day, something different for next year? Vicky sums it up with the bit in the middle feeling. Its as if 'someone' has engineered it so we all deflate on the 27th. I wish my stomach would deflate and not my brain!

  10. I know what you mean about that deflated feeling on Christmas Day - it's sort of like it's all over by then isn't it? Love the idea of Indian for Crimbo dinner, may have to look into that! xxx

  11. Great idea!!! It is a lot of hard work, and it must be lovely to just sit back & enjoy the occasion.
    Hope you had a great time in London, and have a very Happy New Year!!!

    Sharon xx

  12. Brilliant alternative! The clearing up done for you too............

  13. Hi hun
    I'm with you with the feeling of feeling a little flat on the day...I'm not a religious gal at all but adore the build up to Xmas.
    An Indian sounds a mighty fine idea to me!

    Many wishes for a Happy New Year my lovely....
    x x x

  14. Happy Christmas to you - I loved Million Dollar Quartet. Have a great time.