Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Greenhouse, Letchworth

This is a brilliant community concept run by Jenny and her loyal band of helpers aimed at bringing something new and vibrant to a beautiful and traditional town centre .... Letchworth the first garden city of England.

Following Mary Portas's report to the government on the decline of our town centres we need more initiatives like this rather than takeaways and estate agents !

Who do you blame for the decline ..... Town centre planners, large supermarket chains, greedy landlords, high car parking charges, internet shopping, recession ? Or is it a jumble of all of them ?

Right that's me off the soapbox ...... are you all ready for Christmas yet?

I'm not xxx


  1. I personally am totally fed up with the bland high street shops and the soul-less shopping malls. Why bother to make the effort to travel to a shop and pay horrendous parking charges when you can sit in the warmth, select and click to make a purchase?

    Having said that, I am all for locally run community schemes where we know who produced the food we eat.

    It's a tricky one to balance between budget, ethics, community involvement, convenience and what works best for each individual.

  2. Not sure that made sense - brain still addled by virus!

  3. I must get myself up to Letchworth soon. It sounds and looks fabulous.

    Madison xxx

  4. Back in the 60's at school I remember being shown one of those 'educational' tv programmes (big treat). They told us that in America they have things called 'supermarkets', and people buy a whole weeks' shopping in one trip. They have to take their cars to drive it all home.

    I remember us all going 'Whoooooooaaa!'.

    Who knew it would be the death of our market towns? xx

  5. sounds like a good thing. I was in our local town today & was totally depressed by the monotony of the High Street. Got some photos developed at family run shop (NOT a chain store) and scuttled home as quickly as I could! Lizzie x