Friday, 13 January 2012

On your bike British Gas ....

How very dare they !!!
I had an e-mail this morning to inform me that my annual statement was ready to view online and that they had very kindly estimated my consumption for the next 12 months. For this privilege I was to be charged another £15 a month and they would be contacting my bank to amend the direct debit.
Whoa there ..... what the .... been here before
I simply replied that I would rather turn my boiler off than pay them another penny and if they dared to increase my direct debit I would cancel it and transfer to another (rip-off) provider. I would be the judge of how much I would consume. I am being as careful as I can at the moment because Mr Lala is about to be placed on another period of 3 day weeks and as we are £160 in credit I thought they had a bloody cheek.
Well what do you know ..... a response this afternoon with the usual diatribe but a result as they will not be increasing my payments. So if anyone else out there experiences the same thing with these overblown utility companies just get on your high horse and sort 'em out.
I really don't think they need to antagonise their already disgruntled customers any more do you?


  1. Go get 'em gal!! Good for you - they have enough of our funds already!

  2. Good for you - more of us need to fight back , just think of all the interest they are already earning on all of that money "in credit". xxx

  3. We had a similar thing with our supplier, we pointed out that they had £100s of pounds of our money and they're not a bank. I'd rather have my money making interest for me, not them thanks very much!

  4. Well done. So far we have resisted direct debit for the utilities for this very reason. Glad to read of a good result. xx

  5. I had the same problem last year with them, so I cancelled the direct debit, paid what was outstanding and told them I would pay quarterly and now save that amount each week. The bill earlier this month for the quarter was £93.

    Josie x

  6. They're driving me mad too - each month I take a meter reading on the day they ask, and for the last three months they've (over) estimated it- grrr. I'm just about to send yet another email to get it back to the proper amount. May be taking a trip over to Uswitch soon!

  7. Urgh how awful, well done you. How very rude, they are so torn because they are keeping your credit, but they'd really much rather you were in lots of debt and they could charge you some more for that too. They know they've got us! Well done you though, they've walked over too many people they must think its easy!
    Hope the rest of your weekend is good!