Friday, 6 January 2012

Back to life .... back to reality

Well that's the festive season over and done with for another year .... all packed away till next time.

The children were back to school on Wednesday and husband back to work to be given the wonderful news that he will be on a three day week again from 16th January .... he does get paid at basic rate so mustn't grumble but then will have to pay back the time on a Saturday when it suits the company of course.  They seem to be gradually working towards an 'on demand' workforce that they can pick up and drop when the fancy takes them .... the permanent workforce is dwindling and being replaced with contractors at a much cheaper rate (no surprise there!)

Good job I sneaked a visit to the Cath Kidston factory shop at St Neots last weekend ..... or Kid Caffrey as Ellie is calling it ..... she is getting to be quite a CK officianado having visited the St Pancras store last week too.  She really needed a new school bag and pencil case apparently so soft touch nanny got caught again!

We had just stepped in the door and who should we bump into ..... Tilly Rose ..... also having a bit of Cath retail therapy.  It was nice to have a chat and a little catch up and I really must get along to her new venture this year .... I just ran out of time towards the end of 2011.

They had a good range of fabric and I also treated myself to a little spring loaded tape measure and a glasses case.

New Year ..... new start ..... I am going to concentrate this year on the Vintage & Handmade Fairs run by Ann & Trevor and my little outlet at Country Matters in Hexton.   Unsold Christmas stock has been retrieved from Hexton and I am pleased to say that there wasn't a lot left and I will be joining the Vintage & Handmade Jumble in Northampton on Saturday 14th January with lots of clearance items including fabric, textiles, books, ceramics and some handmade items.

Do please come along to this great event if you can.

I have been stashing away blue fabrics for ages in the hope that I could get around to making a blue & white themed quilt for myself and this week made a start on cutting out the squares for the first blocks.

There is a mix of modern prints together with vintage Laura Ashley and other vintage cottons. 

The first little bargain find of 2012 ..... a green leaf design Carlton Ware cup from the charity shop for one whole pound

and finally a little collage of my previous quilt makes

Happy New Year all x


  1. Blue fabrics look lovely - a lot of work ahead, I think.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Is the CK factory worth a trip? How much is the fabric? Your hubbys workplace sounds like many workplaces in the UK now - I thought the Unions were a bit mental back in their hey day, but workers have certainly lost out since their demise. I don't know what this country will be like for our kids. xxx

  3. I'm hoping to get over to St Neots sometime this year - I think its probably worth the day trip - just need to save up and persuade my driver its where we want to go!!

  4. Your blue quilt is going to look gorgeous when it grows up if your previous fabulous efforts are anything to go by. Xx

  5. Diane the unions have lost their teeth completely .... the pendelum seems to have swung completely the other way since the 70s. The CK factory shop had a good range of fabric starting at £10 pm .... the cotton ducks are £12 and on the day I went there was an additional 10% reduction. VV keep on saving .... you will get loads more for your money. Being a tightwad myself I wouldn't pay High Street prices but feel I have a bargain at the outlets. xx

  6. Happy New Year! I've not even set foot in a charity shop yet this year, I'm trying to be restrained. Your quilt makes are very impressive, I love the blue fabrics you've chosen for your latest one.

  7. The factory shop is it!
    Great fabric!xxx

  8. Sorry to hear about your husband's work. Companies seem to be able to do just as they like these days!
    A lovely post, I usually go to Bicester Village CK, and haven't been to the Eaton Socon one yet, maybe soon, and how great to meet Karen : )
    See you Saturday, wont have a stall there, but will come to say hello & take pics etc.

    Sharon xx

  9. Sorry to hear about the work situation, sadly I seem to be hearing the same from other people I know too. It will be lovely to see you both on Saturday. I really must get over to the CK shop, I have never been to it. I have spending the last couple of days looking after a poorly chicken, I am not to hopeful she will pull through though.See you soon.
    Ann x

  10. What a rubbish start to the new year re your hubby's job - here's hoping its not for too long.

    Quite some bargain, that cup, and your fabrics look really beautiful sitting there ready to be sewn. I am glad that you have them to take some cheer from. x

  11. That's not a good start to a new Year. I think permanent work placements will become a thing of the past more and more - it's just the way companies seem to be going. I'm sorry to hear about it. But you are incredibly talented, so the fairs and shop exposure is all a good thing.
    We went to Neot's a few months back, but I was disappointed - no real bargains when we visited, and much smaller than I wanted. Sweet picture of Ellie!

  12. Look forward to catching up with you at the Jumble, think it will be a good day. Sympathize about the work situation, my hubby went on a four day week before Christmas,what timing... Linda xx

  13. now that is my kind of shopping :) Loving the fabrics and that blue and white quilt will be so so pretty. I'll look forward to seeing it all made, Catherine x

  14. I love the blue and white! Looking forward to seeing it finished - no pressure of course.
    P xx