Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning ....... oh what a beautiful day

Fingers crossed that Spring has sprung ..... what a glorious day, most of it spent outside with the central heating turned off and the doors wide open.

Loads of this done

the last of my daughter's belongings retrieved from the rental house ... most of which were the children's outide toys so they have been charging around the patio having re-discovered their bikes,  scooters and footballs.

A quick visit to the car boot this morning which was packed with sellers and a few bargains to be had by Ellie and me (yes I indulged with the words of my daughter ringing in my ears .... not more crap mum)

Ellie got a brand new with tags Tatty Puppy to add to her collection and yet another Jacqueline Wilson book.  Both items had shop price tags of £12.99 and we paid just £5 for both ..... as we walked around I was explaining to her how much we had saved and we did a little mental arithmetic to work it all out.

I found a sweet little Lloyd Loom type child's chair .... I have just the fabric for a new seat cushion and hopefully this will accompany me to the Northampton Vintage & Handmade Fair in 2 weeks

and then I found a box of Hornsea Fauna figures .... the lady was selling an old collection which were filthy dirty and had been living in her garage for years.  I debated about buying a few and then thought to hell with it and made an offer for the whole box.  There are thirty in all with only six that have slight damage. 

I am such a saddo and love gently washing things like this ..... here they all are waiting to be sorted into keeps and ones to sell.

Now I am gearing myself up to a busy weekend next week ... my first born is 30 on Sunday and I have no idea how that happened .... how can I possibly be the mother of a 30 year old when in my head sometimes I am still 20 myself (although the old bones would say differently).  He travels down from Glasgow on Friday and we are planning a day out in London and a family meal out on Sunday

This is one of my favourite photos of my two boys ..... my sister was getting married at the time and the eldest seemed to have a penchant for being a bridesmaid ..... he even went to the nursery picnic in the park dressed like it.  No adverse effects from this forray into cross dressing which does make me wonder what today's parents are thinking of by encouraging their offspring to switch gender.  He'll kill me for getting this one out and then stamp on me completely when he sees the one I have found for his birthday card ....... I knew they would come in handy one day ;-)

Hope you have all had a glorious weekend too x


  1. You are right it's been a glorious day :o)
    Love the Lloyd Loom chair and all those Hornsea Fauna figures! You know I have a couple from my Aunt's home.
    Scarily, my daughter will be 30 next month too, eek!
    Thank you for your lovely comments, I did know where the bulbs were - they kept haunting me...sending messages, plant me, plant me!
    Ask St Joseph about your missing file, my Mom swears by him. Shame you missed the Hammersley, I know how you feel I've done things like too!
    Have a great week planning your son's treat, and of couirse birthday wishes to him :o)
    Rose H

  2. Yes, what a beautiful day!!! Glad you did well at the car boot sale, and Ellie too!!
    Have a great weekend next weekend & love that last pic!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Oh that's the sweetest picture ever! I have one of Boy2 wearing a tutu...

    Bloggie types will probably bite your hand off for those woodland fauna doodahs - I used to have one when I was about 7.

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  4. All those woodland figures in one place at a bootfair and a Lloyd Loom Chair, you must have got up early before the dealers!!
    Your son looks cute - yes where do the years go, my son will be 31 at the end of March
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Julie I couldn't believe my luck - this CB starts at 7 and I didn't get there till 9 !

  6. Julie I couldn't believe my luck - this CB starts at 7 and I didn't get there till 9 !

  7. Fab finds! My best friend loves the Fauna pieces and that chair is lovely. I love anything Lloyd Loom! x

  8. LOL! Love the photo. I've got loads of embarrassing photos of DS which will be dusted off and displayed when he is older, preferably on his wedding day. Ha!

    Madison xxx

  9. You are so funny! Your poor lad!!!! As for your sparkling white washing. Puts me to shame. I'm doing a white wash today, and it won't look like that.
    And what amazing finds - one of my first buys was a Lloyd loom chair, which I still have and love to bits. Your fauna pieces are amazing.