Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spoilsports .....

Phew ..... can't say I am sorry to see the end of half term week and I will be so glad to get back to 'normal' (whatever that is) next week.

We started the week with this

 which led to some really reluctant ladies venturing out

By Thursday it had all disappeared as quickly as it arrived .... I love the first day of snow but once the deadly ice and dirty slush appear I've had enough.

I have had a quieter than usual half term with minded children but have had the additions of my daughter and her family moving in with us.  The musical rooms game has come to a conclusion and we are all settled in our new sleeping quarters.  The children have what had become my sewing room, daughter and partner have our room so they are next door to the children and we have moved downstairs.  Method in my madness there too as I won't be the first port of call when they wake up on a morning!

Absolutely no crafting done whatsoever for a fortnight but to be honest I don't have the energy at the moment and I am trying to get my head around where I have put everything in the move around.

Loads of de-cluttering done with bags going to the charity shop, lots of freecyclers collecting more bags and almost £700 raised in Fleabay sales.  Which leads me onto the spoilspsorts title.  This morning we went over to Hitchin for some shopping and my rotten spoilsport daughters wouldn't let me go into the charity shops!  How very dare they ;-)

I did however sneak this one in which was on a stall in the market square

We ordered a cake for the 30th birthday of the first born who is coming down from Scotland in two weeks time and I will share some photos of that then.

I am hoping to pop down to Hexton tomorrow to do a stock take and take some new stock and I really must start thinking about what I will take to the Northampton Vintage & Handmade Fair in 3 weeks time.

Hope those of you with littlies have got through half term with your sanity intact and I will be listening for that big sigh on Monday morning at 9 am when they are all safely in school again. 

Have a good weekend x


  1. Wow sounds like chaos in your house at the mo, but great fun at the same time. I too was glad when the snow went, I love it in December but not when it is nearly spring time. Lolo xx

  2. Not let you go charity shop shopping?! How very dare they? Sneak out on Monday and get a charity shop fix.

    Madison xxx

  3. wow, you've been so busy. Half term is certainly exhausting, and you've had it much busier with all the moving around. I'm so thrilled you want to join my quilting idea - I think it'll be fun. I need to try and persuade more to sign up - that's the problem of not having moved in quilting blog circles. :)

  4. I quite miss half term now that no body needs me around any more. Enjoy your week. xxxx

  5. Laughing at your chicken photos: they are such funny creatures, aren't they? Your house sounds lively these days! You are going to have to get crafty in order to get your charity shop fix methinks ;O)