Saturday, 24 March 2012

That car booty feeling is coming on .....

I am lucky in that there is a car boot sale near to me every Sunday morning apart from Christmas Day .... it is under cover in a market so come rain or shine there is always someone there though have to say some days in the winter there are some desperate souls trying to flog even more desperate goods.

Easter weekend can't come soon enough for me, I am ashamed to say not for religious reasons, for my three favourite boots start so let the serious bargain hunting begin!

Ellie and I did pop down to another small one this morning at the Watermill in Barton and we both managed to grab a few goodies.  Ellie spotted a box of Baby Born clothes (I'd missed them so I am quite proud that she is learning fast and she is grasping that she can make her money go much further by spending wisely) and a recorder book.  She has been learning to play at school and on Friday the two classes in her year performed a short concert .... I must admit I was expecting a bit of a racket but they were absolutely marvellous.  They had obviously been practising very hard and hit every note in the right place and all looked very smart and focused.

My goodies were

These little cuties were tucked in the box in the photo below and I didn't realise what they were at first ..... the seller thought they were from the 1930s but although they are dressed in the crinoline lady style I am not convinced that the yarn is that old.  I am thinking more 1950s.  The little dolls all have moving eyes.

From the same seller was this hand made milk jug cover

Fine hand crochet table mat with little cotton circle inserts that have been embroidered

This little crochet dressing table mat has pale pink flowers around the edge

and these two gorgeous little baskets are crocheted in the finest cotton ..... with a little sugar starching they will sit as freestanding decorations

A vintage 1976 Blow Football game ..... only one ball is missing

and some of my favourite Art Deco glass from the 1930s ..... a carnival glass salad bowl

A Sowerby frosted green glass dish in ivy leaf stand

This time next week I will be another year older !    It will be a busy weekend as my daughter is taking me to Hampton Court Palace for the day on Saturday and on Sunday it is the first Buckingham Vintage & Handmade Fair organised by Ann & Trevor. 

Do come along if you are in the area ..... there will be a wonderful array of vintage loveliness on offer from some extremely friendly sellers and of course the event wouldn't be complete without tea and homemade cakes.

I am busy making and popped to the Cath Kidston factory shop at St Neots yesterday for some fabric retail therapy .... much bargains there too as the two floral prints were only £6 per metre

One more week of school and then I have a break until the 10th April ..... much needed I must say.

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight ..... Spring is most definitely here xx


  1. mm lovely bits of cath. looking forward to bootsale season.

  2. Mmmm gorgeous fabric and a real bargain. Those dolls are amazing. I can't quite tell but are they bog roll cosies? (sorry if I'm being a twerp and they're not, it's just I love those things!). Xx

  3. Happy Birthday to the boot sale Queen! x x

  4. Thanks Beaches x

    Loo you made me laugh you twerp ;-) It's a tea cosy and four egg cosies xx

  5. My local carboot started back up this Sunday!! I was so excited!! I thought of you as they had a till like you have on your stall that I have admired but he wanted £50 for it! Probably what they are worth but crikey is that kind of price allowed at a carboot sale?? I am usually shocked if something costs a fiver!!!! I couldn't bring myself to part with £50 at my first carboot of the season. Enjoy your birthday and Buckingham Fair - sadly can't make it. Love Nostalgic Vicky

  6. You certainly have an eye for the quirky, but I must admit I'd give the Cosy Gals a pass!

  7. Oh how funny, I was in Cath Kidston st neots on Sunday and got me the same floral fabrics! Great minds eh! Lolo xx

  8. Some great finds, haven't been to a carboot yet this year. Trying to declutter!
    Lovely material, especially like the 'chicken' one.
    Carol xx

  9. I'm with Loo. I thought they were bog roll holders too. Would love to see the dolls on a breakfast table. Very cute indeed.

    Madison xxx