Monday, 2 April 2012

Lala's little helper ................

Phew what a busy weekend!

Saturday was my 54th birthday ...... the day whizzed by (much like the last 54 years) with visits from family and friends .... cards and pressies to be opened and then a family dinner to finish the day.

Sunday was the day of the first Buckingham Vintage & Handmade Fair organised by Trevor and Ann .... the sun was shining for us and the venue was lovely despite being on the first floor ..... certainly got some cardio-vascular exercise taking the stock in!

Fortunately we had an extra pair of hands with us ... Ellie has been nagging to come with us and yesterday was her day.  We had an early start leaving home at 7.30 and not getting back until 5.30 and despite this she behaved perfectly and was a great help.  She found a new role as unofficial fair photographer and here are her pix to give you a flavour of the day

Did get carried away a little didn't she??  These are just a few .... she used my camera and my phone and almost filled both memory cards!

Some of our regular sellers from Northampton were there plus some newcomers who were venturing out for the first time ... the atmosphere was just right and a steady flow of visitors wandered round admiring all the loveliness on display.

This morning has been spent sorting out stock brought back home and the rest that I have stashed in various nooks and crannies ..... my next fair will be the Jubilee Garden Party

followed by the 2nd Vintage Jumble

It's half term and this week I am having a week off from childminding .... there is a lot of spring cleaning to be done round here and the accounts books are calling too ... if the forecast snow arrives that should keep me out of mischief for several days!

I am thinking about resurrecting  my other blog Aunty Wainwright's Treasures ..... with car booty starting seriously this coming weekend I really do have to make some space around here ..... keep any eye out for some vintage goodies at very sensible prices !


  1. Happy belated birthday wishes, you certainly had a busy weekend. Ellie was brilliant, I think we should take her on as official photograher . Her photos are far better than any I ever take. I saw her wandering with your phone taking photos from interesting angles ! Look forward to seeing you all at the garden party.
    Ann x

    1. Well done Ellie, very professional looking photos!

      The fair looked wonderful, I would have come away with full bags as I saw lots of things to buy in the photos.


  2. what a little star she was!!! Can I employ her as photographer too? She's better than I am!!!
    Lovely to see you, and hope you had a great weekend! ( You still look 34!!!)

    Sharon xx

  3. Well done Ellie - you did a superb job of being the official photographer! You'll be taking her again, no doubt.

  4. Belated birthday wishes!

    The fair looks jolly good fun!


  5. Ellie's done a great job - some great pics of some lovely vintage items :) Just wish the fair was nearer.

  6. She did a brilliant job with the pictures. The fair looks a lot of fun. x

  7. It was a good day as always and she thoroughly enjoyed herself ..... I think the collecting gene skipped a generation and this little one is now my apprentice xx

  8. Thanks so much for helping us to have such a nice day, I think your grand-daughter's photos are much better than the ones I took. And I have just realised (with help from A) that I was not following you even though I was recommending your blog! I am still learning.

  9. What a good photographer.... I would keep her!

  10. Little Ellie certainly has done a great job with the photos. She should be employed as the official snapper for craft fairs! Glad you both had a wonderful (yes I am jealous of all those goodies!)

  11. Lovely pictures ,i love those sort of fairs at all the lovely stalls xx

  12. Great photos ! Belated Happy Birthday !

  13. Hope you're having a good week - n snow thank goodness. Looks like you have a budding photographer there.

  14. Hi there, just popped by to say thanks for the comment. Sorry you have been poorly, hope you are on the mend now. Glad I came by as have spotted your adverts for the Vintage fair and Jumble. Never know I may be able to get to one or the other. If the goodies are like your daughters piccies it will be well worth the drive.
    Jenny x

  15. Great pics! She has a real eye for details. Much better than my son's attempts at photography.

    Madison xxx