Friday, 12 June 2009

100 years old

We have had a lovely day. Our school celebrates its centenary this year and today was the main event. The children have been working hard and put on a lovely display in the sunshine this afternoon. Each year had been studying a different decade so we had the war years with Years 3 & 4 singing Run Rabbit Run and the Dad's Army theme playing in the background, Years 5 & 6 did the fifties with a terrific hand jive routine, Year 6 moved on to the days of Rock n Roll, Year 3 did a piece on the presidents of the United States and our babes in Foundation did a simple Winnie the Pooh & Tigger routine. The whole school then sang together, a huge cake was cut and they finished with a good old fashioned street party. This is our Ellie in her Edwardian school costume ..... all the children were able to dress up for the day and they looked fantastic. We had Elvis, Charlie Chaplin, soldiers, Mary Poppins, hippies, punk rockers, flash dancers, evacuees, maids and loads more.
All I did was adapt one of her school summer dresses by adding a broderie anglais length, made a pinny & mop cap from an old table cover and quickly crocheted a little shawl last night. She looked so sweet and kept the whole lot on all day.
I feel absolutely cream crackered now and will have to re-charge my batteries this evening just in case the sun stays with us and the car boot sales start beckoning me this weekend. Have a good one everybody.


  1. what a fab day :-)

    she looks lovely!

    Rose X

  2. What a wonderful day . . . makes me realise how much you forget about children's school days and how lovely their special days were . x

  3. Hi Debbie, I have paired you up with a partner for the Cosy Crochet and Knitting Swap, please take a look on my blog to find out who. xxxx