Monday, 8 June 2009

Handy household hints and tips number 2

With all of the rain we have had over the past few days everything is sprouting like mad and I will have to get some planting out done. We don't have a greenhouse but hope to get a polytunnel to fill a wild area at the bottom of the garden but in the meantime I having been using these instead.

I was chucking the tins and jars into re-cycling and suddenly thought they would make useful (and free) mini propagators ..... I punched some drainage holes in the bottom of the tin, filled with compost and planted the seeds. The upturned jars sit perfectly in the neck of the tin and act as a mini greenhouse to get the seeds going quicker. So I didn't forget what I had planted I just marked in black permanent the name of the plant on the outside of the tin. They could be tarted up a little with some spray paint I suppose but they have done the job wonderfully and I am about to start off my free Dig-in seeds sent from Gardener's World.


  1. I loved reading your blog today. It has been so much fun making new friends through the blog world. This is my fourth month to have a blog. I am amazed at all the unique and fun sites. I am posting about our recent Disney trip and have a couple more posts about our visit with the "Mouse" ....then I will have more than a few posts about a new "grandson" arriving in just a couple of weeks...

  2. What a good idea, I will remember this for when I get a n allotment.