Thursday, 4 June 2009

What have you been doing today??

I like Thursdays. It is the one day of the week when I get a couple of hours of 'me' time when everyone else is at work and the small person I look after is at pre-school. I gave up planning what to do with this time months ago because invariably something would crop up or someone would pop in and all the plans went out the window. I was getting so frustrated. So now I just go with the flow. After the school run this morning I came home for a leisurely breakfast on the patio and just sat and looked at some of the plants in the garden that are now bursting into colour.

The chooks were fed with some succulent dandelions and another egg added to the basket ... can you see Snapdragon's gorgeous little chicken badge?
Then a knock at the door ...... it was DHL with my parcel from Abakhan .... and another surprise the driver was a face from the past who used to do a daily collection from an office I once worked in and he remembered my name! This was my first order with this company and I am very pleased with my purchase ... some soft white fleece fabric, cottons for crochet, star fabric for a cushion order and some bags of webbing and lace oddments (these were a bargain at only 49p a bag).

I then went mad and had a baking spree ..... jam tarts, scones, fairy cakes ..... how come it takes ages to make them and they are demolished in minutes! We have some lovely goosegogs growing in the garden at the moment and I am the only one who likes them so following a tip from one of the SCC girls I looked out my WI cook book for some ideas on how to preserve them. I found two really easy recipes for Goosebury Curd and Gooseberry Chutney .... here they are picked and ready for their transformation tomorrow morning.

We've just been out to vote ........ got to do our bit and give these flaming politicians the kick up the pants they deserve ...... I unfortunately live in the constituency of one of the most prolific expenses offenders who thankfully will not be selected next time but seems to have now gone into hiding and doesn't have the decency to resign ..... according to the local press today she stands to walk away with another 200K! Alright for some isn't it while the rest of us try to make ends meet and worry about keeping our jobs. Question Time should be interesting tonight.

One more cute photo for you today ...... the chooks have an afternoon treat of sweetcorn kernels .... look at this .... eating our of our hands and they've only been here for four weeks ..... already part of the family


  1. I spent the day just pottering about.I had the place to myself,which is a rare I worked for a while in the garden, pricking out seedlings....singing and chattering to myself as I worked! ;-)

  2. Be careful of that old Acaltrazzz, it'll get under your skin LOL
    What's the webbing like? I've not ordered any of that................. yet;)

    Love and blessings

  3. Hello today I have been wondering if my gooseberries are ripe and eating the butterfly cakes!
    Snap we have the same snapdragon badge! Cute aren't they.

  4. You are looking very Darling Buds of May around your neck of the woods. I'm all for making the politicians pay back the money that they have "stolen", xxx

  5. Pleased to meet you! Hear Hear about those MP's they should be ashamed, & made to pay it back , then live in a deprived area, on a low wage, and have to say 'no we can't afford it' to their children (sorry I'm ranting!) ... I love gooseberries, especially lightly stewed in a crumble with clotted cream - yum! Enjoy eating your goodies. I think my badge from Snapdragon was most appropriate for me. You must have been a child bride by the look of your picture on the side bar - 30 years? well done!

    Love Lydia