Monday, 1 November 2010

It's just a number

Today is the 53rd birthday of Mr Lala and on Wednesday we have our 31st Wedding Anniversary .... how the flipping heck did that happen.

We had Jack for the day so toddled off to Harpenden this morning where there is a good selection of charity shops.  I did bag a couple of bargains but I was absolutely gobsmacked by some of the prices being asked.  I know it is for charity and perhaps I shouldn't grumble but an extremely tatty old Mrs Beetons for £30 ...... winter coats for £30 ...... an old Singer sewing machine in a very tatty wooden cabinet for £100 .... eek !!!

I did pick up these for £4

and they are now living in here

These drawers have been living in a dusty shed for at least 2 years and having seen the vintage Sylko/Dewhurst thread storage drawers that seem to be selling for megabucks these days, I thought they would be just the job for thread & bobbin storage.  I purchased them at auction for around a tenner and then forgot all about them .... they are in fact old office filing drawers and this is what is printed on the inside of the top drawer in each set.

My other little bargain at £1.50 was this book which should come in very handy.

DD1 found the perfect gift for her father and following our navigational exploits recently this was hilarious ... even made him smile

and Ellie just loved the birthday cake

and yes it was exceedingly good ;-)


  1. Loving the thread storage, brilliant use of the drawers. Wish I had some like that, mine are all in a tin at the moment. Only been to Harpenden once, tis very lovely there. x

  2. Harpeneden prices at Harpenden charity shops I'm afraid, we occasionally go for a rummage too, and have found some interesting things but not a bargain! Your thread looks like a good deal however - you always seem to be able to winkle out a good buy.

  3. Think I need to set up shop in Harpenden...
    £100 for a Singer sewing machine in a tatty wooden cabinet....double eek!
    Julie x

  4. Happy anniversary to you!!!
    I know what you mean about charity shops, sometimes its cheaper to go to an antique shop!! Love the drawers, and what a lovely selection of thread!
    Have a lovely week : )

    Sharon xx

  5. Happy Birthday to your other half and happy anniversary for later to both of you. You have an eye for a bargain: threads are so expensive normally. The quilting book just "had your name on it"... :O)))

  6. A Happy Birthday to your hubby and a Happy Anniversary and congratulations! I do love your thread drawers. They are just perfect for the job aren't they?

  7. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary :) I know what you mean about charity shops lately - some antique dealers are cheaper!

  8. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary ... we made it to our 31st in July. Isn't it frightening?
    I agree with the prices in charity shops ... surely they would sell more if it was priced more realistically!
    Love Kathy xxx

  9. If you are specifically looking for an old Mrs Beetons, I have one I have yet to put on Ebay, which is in very good condition really, though I haven't been able to date it exactly. In blue and gold cloth bindings...I can email you a photo or several if you like. Yours for a tenner plus postage!

  10. Thank you all for your comments and welcome to some new visitors ... I've bookmarked your blogs and will be back for a good read later ;-)

  11. Charity shops are over pricing aren't they. I always want to scream, 'you were given it for free and you've priced it more expensive than it was new!'. Unfortunatley often the case in my local charity shops x