Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Where does the time go ?????

Looking at my diary this morning I was scared to death when I saw that the children only have four more weeks at school till the Christmas holidays ..... how the heck did that happen???

I did my last craft market for 2010 at the weekend and although I could do some more I have decided to take some time out to a) tidy up b) reflect c) plan.

I do have some handmade Christmas decorations left and if anyone would like to purchase them they are £3.00 each or 4 for £10.00 which includes p & p within the UK ..... there are

hand sewn felt gingerbread men with vintage buttons and gingham ribbon

hand sewn felt Christmas puddings with vintage buttons and ribbon hangers

an assortment of heart & bird hangers in ditsy Christmas print fabric with felt backings ... decorated with shiny buttons and ribbon .... the embroidered heart has a gingham backing and lavender filling

Crazy patch mini stocking hangers with felt backing, jingle bells or Christmas  buttons and green velvet ric rac hangers

Winter Spice heart hanger backed with felt and filled with cinnamon/clove/mandarin scented rice

Crochet white cotton & metallic silver thread icicle garland (1.2m) which is £10 including p & p

Tartan fabric bunting with jingle bells .... each pennant (there are 15) is backed with felt and they hang on a 3.5m length of gingham binding.... this is also £10 incl p & p

if anyone is interested please contact me through my website here

There's always time for bargain hunting though and Ellie came with me on Sunday to the car boot.  She came home with a bag of books and I found this lovely photo in a frame

and this bag

which contained

all these  .... bargainous at £3 !

Be back soon .... my tea bread is just about to explode out of the breadmaker ;-)


  1. Time really flies, no sooner do you start the week and you seem to be facing the end of it head on! Love you car boot finds, especially the frame.....

  2. Time flys so very quickly - i agree. xxxxx

  3. WOW, love the bag and needles, what a bargain! At the last boot sale I went to a man was selling 2nd hand needles for £1 a pair! xx

  4. Time just seems to get faster the older I get, I wish it would slow down a bit. The bag with all those needles at £3 - such a bargain - well done! xxx

  5. Christmas is always so quick to come around the corner isn't it. I wish that January and February would go as quickly as the end of the year, such depressing months in my opinion.

  6. I love the xmas puds ! clever lady !well done on your car boot bargains !

  7. That was a great haul ! Love your Ginger bread men. Your comment gave me a good giggle -
    "give em a good slap!" !!!

  8. Hi, I do remember your stall at the Northampton Vintage fair, I remember looking at the amazing dolls you had. Sorry I didnt get to chat with you. Great boot finds Linda x

  9. i love the bag and needles - lucky you and the gingerbread men/christmas puddings are so sweet. x

  10. Lucky you finding the needles. Our local charity shops no longer sell them as they are considered dangerous :(

  11. Hi,
    Deborah your swap partner in the Christmas Decoration Swap is having trouble emailing you through your website. It wouldn't let me either! Could you email me please through my blog and I can pass on her email address.
    Thanks! x