Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remembrance, preparations and a mystery .....

Lest we forget

These are photos from my family tree research .... the first young man belongs on my husband's side of the family and all that we know is that he was in the Bedfordshire Regiment but we have no idea of his name and there is nobody left now to ask. 

The second is Thomas Duffy from my maternal grandmother's family in Newcastle .... he served in France from 1914 to 1915 as a Private in the 3rd Battalion Durham Light Infantry and was lucky to survive and return home to his wife and children.

The third is Thomas's brother James and I am still researching him and that rather fetching uniform that he is wearing.

If we all dig deep enough we will find ancestors with military service and it is them and the brave servicemen and women still laying down their lives for us today that we remember today.

When I took time out this morning for the two minutes silence at 11.00 am I was in the middle of preparing for a Christmas Craft Market this coming weekend .... I've been sewing and crocheting and here is a sample of what I will be taking

and just look what I found in the charity shop this afternoon for a whole 25p

and finally my mystery ...... a few weeks ago whilst out on a day out with Serenata I came across this .... the stallholder was holding it up and asked if we knew what it was.  My first thought was a tea infuser that had come off its chain but when he opened it up just look what was inside.  It is only a couple of inches long with a maker's stamp of Mayer & Co. London impressed on it and its very tactile.

It's a tiny little string holder with the original spool inside but alas the central pin that holds it in place is missing.  Not bad for £2 is it.


  1. As my mother was youngest but one of a large (12) family, she, sadly, had brothers killed in WW1 - though we haven't any photos, and WW2. I always feel that I should remember them for her now.

  2. And so we SHOULD remember what these brave souls did for us.............

  3. Both my granddads fought and survived WW1 but both lost their one and only baby brother. I remember them in particular today. xx

  4. Lovely post Lala.

    We remember them.

  5. My great grandfather fought and died in WW1, and my grandfathers on both sides fought in WW2. We should remember them and all they did for us. Shame such things are taken for granted now.

    As for your string holder, I think it is great and as you say so wonderfully tactile.

  6. Its wonderful Lala, to be able to see your ancestors like that, the brothers look so alike amazing stuff.

    I also like the string holder, you could put smelly stuff in it and when you pull the string you will get a lovely sniffy whatsit. Lovely.

  7. How wonderful to have all those family photos. I have none, and have not been able to go further back than four generations in my family history. However, a surprise email from someone I didn't know, who turns out to be my 2nd/3rd/4th cousin (we can't quite work it out!) brought me a photo of my great grandfather, and some fill in on family history, which brought up some surprises, as it often does.
    Love your finds....

  8. Lovely photographs of your family members, particularly the last gent in his wonderful uniform. It is so interesting tracing family history and unbelievably hard work!! My Great Grandfather who I remember even though he died in the seventies and his brother were in the Australian Army in the first war. His brother sadly died of his wounds in 1919 but my Great Grandfather lived a long life and my brother still has his service book and dog tag. Lovely post and so interesting to hear others stories...
    Jo xx