Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A challenge, a thank you and today's thrifty find ....

Back in that dark old month of January I entered a photo of the Silver Cross Doll's pram that I acquired via Freecycle in A Thrifty Mrs January Challenge   ...... and guess what I won!!!!

I'm not usually one of life's winners so I am delighted to have won this and of course that gorgeous eiderdown from Sian over at Diary of a Tinyholder who has another prize draw in aid of the Alzheimer's Society

It was only fitting that I reciprocated the generosity of these lovely bloggers so you will remember that I offered to make a mini quilt for the winner of my 2nd blogiversary giveaway.  Last week I was cooking on gas and got loads done including the quilt for my lovely winner The Vintage Knitter and the Royal Mail excelled themselves as I only posted it at 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning Monkeychild was opening her parcel. 

I knew from Vintage Knitter's blog that this lovely little lady was a ballet fan and I had just the thing .... some vintage Laura Ashley ballerina fabric which I teamed with some LA pink polkadot, Clarke & Clarke Floral, Jill Northam Star Stripe and some lilac gingham check.  The backing is a super soft white fleece so perfect for snuggling under.  The phone rang on Saturday morning and I was delighted to speak to the VK in person who had taken the time to call and say thank you and then this arrived in the post today

a gorgeous thank you card with a photo of Monkeychild and her new snuggle quilt .... this will now be placed on the little dresser over my sewing machine table .... it is so nice to be appreciated and to appreciate in return and this shall remind me whenever I look at her little face.

It was such a beautiful afternoon here I took a walk to the school this afternoon and as I passed the charity shop this little beauty was beckoning me

a little wooden child's chair which I would guess to be around 50 years old .... the patination of the wood is lovely and there are just a few paint splashes to be cleaned off all for the bargain price of £1.50 so this will be entered into Mrs T's February challenge.   Our CS has been a little disappointing since Christmas with rather a lot of tat so this really made my day and I must have looked a right sight with it hanging on the handle of the buggy with six children in tow ...... I think my name should be the Pied Piper x


  1. Congratulations Lala!

    Great little chair. :-) A bargain as well!

  2. Congratulations to you too Lala. Glad you liked the card and photo :-) Monkeychild is currently fast asleep with the quilt tucked into her bed.

    P.S. That chair is so cute and what a great find.

  3. Wow, gorgeous little chair. Reminds me of my primary school days.