Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That .......

I've been for a country drive this morning.  We needed some supplies for the animals so I headed off to Wheathampstead via the cross country route which I always find quicker and a much more pleasant drive.  I'm not a very confident driver and hate motorways but give me a country lane and I'm off!!   My family reckon I would make a good rally driver ! I had to stop at an old friend's on the way back and this is the view from his garden .... I could sit and stare at that all day long.

Last weekend we went off to Flitwick to a new vintage & craft fair .... I was on a reccie really with a view to booking a table at the next one because it is only a 20 minute drive away and I am so pleased that there is another local one to add to the calendar.  I had a lovely chat with Linda of TabbyRoo who I will be seeing again at the Northampton Fair on 19th March and there was lots of lovely handmade items on sale and vintage bits of course.

I've been buzzing away at the sewing machine for a couple of weeks now to build up stock for the forthcoming Northampton fair and another that I am doing on 12th March in Potten End in Hertfordshire.

Some peg bags using pre-loved fabrics & trims mixed with some contemporary ginghams

A patchwork lingerie bag

The starburst quilt is coming on nicely too ... I just have to decide what border and binding to use and it will be finished

I always have a little basket of something to fiddle with in front of the goggle box in the evenings and my hexi collection is coming on nicely and using up lots of remnants too.

On the way home on Saturday we stopped in Hexton at a little craft co-operative that is in the old Village Hall .... Country Matters is an Aladdin's Cave with a good mix of vintage and hand crafted items. I am going down there again in the morning to sign up so that I can place some of my work in there ... more on that later.    I spied this little bunny on the way out and with a price tag of just £3 he had to come home with me ....

Now I just have to keep myself away from the choc egg counter till a little closer to Easter ;-)

I bought this Amarylis in our local greengrocers a couple of weeks ago .... it now has four enormous blooms on the top and the little second sprout is now as tall as this one and about to burst open.

Another sign of Spring ..... the rhubarb is sprouting ..... better start planning this year's planting ..... why aren't there enough hours in a day ????


  1. That bunny basket is soo cute, just crying out for lots of choccie eggs ;o) xx

  2. Oh rhubarb sprouting! I must check mine.

    The peg baskets look lovely - you are getting well stocked up!

  3. Lovely post, made me think winter has turned a corner and no matter what it still has to throw at us, spring is on its way with greening fields and easter bunnies.

  4. Those peg bags are perfect.

    I just bought a peg bag recently that you tie around your waist - a peg apron. great concept.

    My rhubarb is ready for picking. Not sure what im going to do with it this year.
    Yes, you are sooooo right - not enough hours in the day!


  5. Great to see you getting more and more venues to sell your beautiful work. Just looking at the photo of the rhubarb makes spring feel nearer. Loved the mental image of you in your previous post with all the children and the little chair.

  6. I wouldn't need many more hours - maybe two or three - but they have to be in the daylight. Enough of this sleeping lark.
    Lovely post Debbie, lovely pictures and a real sense of Spring.
    And did I recognise a pin cushion sitting in that basket?
    P x

  7. Hi ladies ... thanks for dropping by :-)

    Cathy I am like the pied piper .... always got a gaggle of kids with me and anything else I pick up on the way .... OH looks at me in disbelief sometimes!

    Pam yes you can see my favourite pin cushion in the basket ..... it is getting lighter at both ends of the day thank goodness ... we can come out of hibernation now.

    Fi .... we need a post of rhubarb recipes there must be more than crumble ;-) I designed an over the head peg bag some time ago ... will fish it out and make another to show you all x

  8. Your wares are lovely! What a lovely post. xxxx

  9. I so love your little bunny basket!! :)
    Vivienne x