Friday, 25 February 2011

May I introduce .......

Miss Molly and Miss Ruby

Meet my girls or the husband's bitches as they are more affectionately known ;-)

Miss Molly is our choc lab and she will be 4 years old in October .... I would dearly love to let her have a litter of puppies and there is already a list of people wanting one, I just have to convince the master to let his girl be sired!  She is the most placid and well behaved dog that we have ever had.  Brilliant with the children and is rarely naughty unlike her little cohort Ruby who is an 18mth old cocker spaniel.  She is a bouncy bundle of energy and is such a greedy guts she would eat both their dinners plus the cat's food too.

They are inseparable and hate it if one has to go out without the other as happened yesterday when Molly had to have her annual boosters .... Ruby sat and howled for the first ten minutes then sulked in her bed till she returned.  OH was apprehensive about getting another dog but it was the best thing we have ever done as they are great friends and company for each other.

See what I mean ... they shadow each other's every move ..... they even lay in the same positions when sleeping.  Think they must have been distracted by the chickens making a noise at this point.

and these are the boys ..... brothers Oliver and Binks .... Ollie is our hunter ginger cat and Binks is just a lazy black lump who spends most of his time sleeping and only moving occasionally to eat!


  1. Love your animal family!! You certainly have plenty to keep you busy : )

    Sharon xx

  2. Put me down for a puppy too please! Miss Molly is gorgeous and so is her partner in crime Miss Ruby.....
    Julie x

  3. My goodness, I remember reading about Ruby when she was just a little pup!
    My husband refers to 'his bitches' too - one of them is me! Good job I have a sense of humour!

  4. Lovely dogs, I have been hankering after one for ages, but really cant justify, as I am out all day... so i will ask you to give those dogs a squeeze from me..


  5. Fab family, you certainly have enough to keep you busy!

  6. Monkeychild and I hanker over a dog and a chocolate lab would be lovely. However, Husband has decreed that we have to wait a few years longer before any canine presence is allowed into the house :-( I can't wait though to have a furry doggy body to cuddle up with on the sofa whilst I'm knitting away.

  7. Love cockers... it was the first dog my parents ever had, and used to sit underneath my pram when I was out in the garden, apparently. I have no recollection of this, being a baby at the time. But they are a real handful aren't they. exuberant and joyful and just fun to have around. Love the cats too, I am more of a cat person these days.

  8. What a gorgeous family. Binks is my fave. Can imagine lots of warm snuggles with him on the sofa.

  9. What a handsome pair, they are really cute. We keep dropping hints to Trevor about getting another dog as company for Josh but he won't be talked in to it. I guess we just have to keep going and wear him down ! It will be great to catch up on the 19th, I am sure you will be bringing some lovely things again. I just spotted the lovely little dog on wheels on your photo. As you say what a shame your mum didn't hang on to him.
    Ann x

  10. Hi just popped over from Ticking Stripes your Miss Ruby would make a lovely girlfried for my Master Dylan - pop over to my blog - if you wish - to read the post he wrote. He is indeed a very clever Cocker. Love your quilts and wish I was nearer to pop to the Vintage Fairs.