Monday, 7 March 2011

Slack Alice ;-)

I've certainly been one of these on the blogging front lately .... those of you of a certain magnificent age will remember dear old Larry Grayson ..... Slack Alice was one his characters along with Apricot Lil, Pop It in Pete (the postie) and of course his immortal catchphrase 'shut that door'.

My menobrain is in a tizz at the moment .... first craft fair this weekend and then the following Saturday it is the Northampton Vintage Fair.  I don't know why I am anxious because I have been organising myself with stock for both events but I find when I get into bed my brain is still planning how to set out the table!!  Is it just me or does everyone feel the same ????

I have finished the star quilt and it has sold already which is brilliant and it will be on its way to the lovely new owner this week.  Which means of course it's time to start planning the next project.  Inspired by some Kaffe Fassett books from the library I have decided that the next one is for me.  Regular readers will know my penchant for blue & white vintage china, so I have been stashing blue and white fabrics and the work on something like this will begin in next couple of weeks. 

I've also been busy on letter cushion orders

and I finally plucked up the courage to take some of my vintage and handmade goodies down to Country Matters in Hexton ..... fingers crossed that there will be some sales down there too.

I couldn't finish without slipping a photo of this little lady in .... she is 8 weeks old this week .... how did that happen!


  1. The plan for a blue and white quilt sounds a very good one ... it will look stunning if the one you've just done is anything to go by.

    8 weeks already ... what a gorgeous girl she is - love the way they sleep like that.

  2. Does the little lady have a touch of red in her hair - or maybe it`s just the light? Either way, she is just toooooo cute!
    Well done on your star quilt - it`s truly beautiful and neither wonder it sold so quickly. I can`t wait to see your blue and white project. Have a great week. x

  3. 'Menobrain' made me laugh. Kaffe Fassett inspiration and blue and white sounds like a great combination. See you at the fair Linda xx

  4. Looking forward to seeing you at the fair, love the letter cushions
    Ann x

  5. Lovely to catch up with what you are doing. Love the letter cushions........ piping cord is a so and so to stitch isn't it, but it REALLY does give a beautiful finish....

    Good luck with all your events.

  6. The letter cushions are great! Good Luck with your fairs.....

  7. Oh yes, I am of an age where I remember Larry Grayson too!
    Good luck with the fairs.

  8. I was watching something with Larry Grayson on the other night - I had forgotten how funny (and camp!) he actually was! xxx

  9. Lots of lovely things - my star quilt is still a pile of fabrics waiting to be pieced. I really love the cushions and the thought of blue and white is very exciting.
    Who could resist that dear little soul, bless her.

  10. Lokk forward to seeing you next week, and love your quilt & makes.
    Feeling a bit down & poorly at the moment, need a holiday!!

    Sharon xx

  11. Beautiful work, and beautiful images.

    "but I find when I get into bed my brain is still planning how to set out the table!! Is it just me or does everyone feel the same ????

    no, its certainly not just you! Isnt it soo hard to turn off that brain at time?