Sunday, 20 March 2011

Let's redress the balance ....

There seems to have been quite a bit of bitching and downright unfriendliness in blogland recently with a lot of dirty washing being aired in public and toys being chucked out of the pram.  Time to end this ladies and be grown up.

I am so pleased to offer a contrast to this appalling behaviour by telling you about the fantastic day that I had yesterday at the Northampton Vintage Fair.

This was my second time here as  a  seller .... the sun was shining, hundreds of visitors coming through the doors, homemade cakes and copious cups of coffee to keep me going and the friendliest bunch of bloggers you could ever wish to meet.  Sharon over at Clover Cottage was official photographer and she has loads of luscious pics over on her blog should you wish to drool .... we spent so much time nattering during the day every time that she stopped at my stall that she forgot to take photos so here are some I took myself.  Quality isn't good I am afraid as I was using the old mobile phone.

This time we made sure that we left home in plenty of time with a full tank of diesel and the correct directions .... you will remember that last time we arrived with about 20 minutes to spare before the doors opened and how on earth I managed to set up in that time still amazes me.  Yesterday we had and an hour & half and I was still fiddling around at the last minute!

So a big thank you to

Annie the Felt Fairy and her lovely daughter Amy at Blighty Boutique

Karen at Tilly Rose

Linda at Tabbyroo

Sharon at Clover Cottage

Vicki at Ticklepenny Vintage


and all the other bloggers, sellers, visitors that were there ...... apologies for not naming all personally .... would hate to start another blog war ;-)

Here's a date for your diary ...

be there or be square as they say !
To finish on a jolly note here is my GD Ellie dressed up for Red Nose Day .... she was cock-a-hoop to be in her school's Golden Award Book for the second week in a row.
 Don't forget we go into Summer Time next weekend .... Spring is here at last .... have a great week x


  1. Your table looks lovely, wish I could have been there xx

  2. Great to see you both again yesterday, your stall looked beautiful. I love catching up with everyone from blogland, such a friendly bunch of people. I am having a lazy day today trying to motivate myself to unpack the bags and boxes from yesterday.
    Ann x

  3. Hi hun
    It was a wonderful day yesterday oh yes indeedy!...just like a big blog party!
    Great to say hi and finally meet you...shame we didn't have that nuch time to natter even tho we were next to each other!
    Her'es to the next one...
    See you soon hun!
    Karen x x x

  4. It looks like an absolutely wonderful time was had by all - I'm finding myself wishing I lived closer to Northampton! :-) Found your blog through Vintage At The Corner House and I'm loving it!

    Jem xXx

  5. It was a great day wasn't it? Lovely to catch up with you again, hope it goes well for you at Flitwick Linda xx

  6. Lovely post!!! Sorry again for not getting pics of your gorgeous stall!! Being a woman, I should be able to chat, and take pics at the same time, you know, it's known as multitasking!!
    Not long till May, and you have a lovely week!

    Sharon xx

  7. Looks like a great time was had by all - which is how it should be. Hadn't realised that it's next weekend that we go into summertime. Yay!

  8. Lovely set up, and doesn't Ellie look so cute?

  9. The stall looks fantastic Debbie - not surprising you did so well!
    P x

  10. That looks fabulous!! Andf I appear to have missed the bitchfest! (Not suprising - most things go over my head!)

  11. I suppose one of the advantages of being on the periphery of blogland, not in with the 'in crowd' of blogland, is that I don't get to read bitchiness, or get involved with unfriendliness. I have met with nothing but loveliness and friendliness via my blog. Obviously there are advantages to having a small, but perfectly formed, group of followers! It seems to me that no matter where you get a group of women, bitchiness and unpleasantness will ensue.... on forums, chat rooms so I have heard tell, blogland and in real life - try living on a Forces Base for the ultimate experience in bitchiness!! All this is why I keep myself to myself, apart from sharing what I choose to share with my followers and fellow bloggers.
    Love Ellie by the way, so very colourful.

  12. Must have missed it too!
    Looks like you all had a great day at Northampton meeting up with fellow bloggers regardless.
    Julie x

  13. I only came across it because if was pointed out on another forum and to be honest I think it is a minority of attention seekers who will make a mountain out of a molehill to get the sympathy vote. Thanks for visiting ladies .... it is a comfort to know that most of us are normal. Life's too short isn't it xx

  14. I admired you stall in all loveliness hope to catch you at the next one and say hello and treat myself to one of you gorgeous cushions

  15. great fair - such a shame i couldn't make it, your GD looks very cute

    theres an award for you at my blog

  16. Hi, found you via 'two bones and a bagle'.
    This looks like a fantastic fair. When is the next one? I shall have to make the trip from Hertfordshire.
    Nice to meet you :-)

  17. 'Twas lovely to see you again. I got a lovely picture of your FABULOUS quilt and posted it over on my blog as " Best in Show". I thought it deserved it!

  18. Cute photo of your GD - she has a lovely smile.

    From the photos of your vintage fair stall I wish I lived nearer to Northampton - everything looks so wonderful and eyecatching displayed together.

  19. Damn I missed someone behaving badly! ;=D

    It was wonderful to see you in the flesh so to speak! Your makes are amazing! Looking forward to the next fair already! xx