Friday, 25 March 2011

The Crow's Nest

First of all ladies an apology if I came over all school ma'amish on the last post .... all the shenanigans had really got to me and I would hate blogland to get tainted by nastiness .... I'm voting with my feet from now on and not following anyone who has a hissy fit ;-)

This enormous tree stands at the bottom of our neighbour's garden and for the past few days a pair of crows have been busily collecting material to build a nest.  As one flies in the other flies off in search of more and they keep it up all day ... I have been trying to get a shot of them too but they are too damn quick for me.

I am amazed at how everything seems to have blossomed this week .... on my travels this week I have seen lines of daffodils on the roadside verges and there are all shades of pink blossom on the trees.  The hawthorn is out and every tree seems to have a tight cluster of leaves just waiting to uncurl.  The garden toys have been powerwashed and it has been lovely to let the children out into the garden for the first time this year ... we have clay soil and it just gets waterlogged during the winter.

 I've been bargain hunting at the Flea Market this morning and picked up two lovely 19th century blue & white transferware jugs to add to my collection ..... a pink candlewick bedcover now freshly laundered and a little footstool to give a makeover to.

My basket of little hexis is starting to take shape .... this is my hand sewing project for the evening time ... I've yet to make a start on my blue & white quilt but think I have collected enough fabric now.

What have you planned for the weekend???

Some more pruning in the garden for me and finding a home for some herbs purchased at the Watermill yesterday

Have good one whatever you are doing x


  1. Hi Debbie, love the blue and white jugs they are great finds. We headed over to the flea market too after your tip off but got there a little late, still managed to find a couple of bargains and had some delicious lunch.
    Ann x

  2. Love the blue jugs, and are you going to cover your footstool in patchwork? Everything is certainly bursting into bloom - if it's fine I may pull up a few dandelions! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Love those jugs...great shapes.
    Julie x

  4. Lovely jugs! Pardon the pun. Look forward to see what magic you do to the footstool.

  5. Oh hexies on a foot stool great idea. Love your hexi quilt btw mine is coming on a treat.

  6. Well working in the garden would have been on the agenda but it is dark, cold (down to about eight degrees from the fifteen all week) and raining quite heavily. So I made a marble cake, got out my sewing books, made a veggie soup and shall watch the boat race later (my husband is a Cambridge man so it's sort of traditional).

  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I love the blue and white jugs, and your stall looked really great at the Vintage fair, glad you had a good day
    Sophie x

  8. Love those jugs!! What a lovely springy post!! God knows we've waited long enough!!!
    Have a great week & plenty of lovely finds : )

    Sharon xx

  9. Not sure if I've said this before but the photo of you top right so reminds me of our garden when we lived in your town.... the chestnut paling fences edging each of our neighbours' gardens.... haven't seen that since way back then.

    Strange comment .... but I'm transported in time by the photo and the fence!!!