Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bliddy technology

What is happening this week ..... blogger playing silly beggars and not allowing me to leave comments on some blogs ..... poor bloggers must think they are being totally ignored by everyone this week as the problem seems to be quite widespread.  Now I am having problems with the lappy and logging into certain programs especially my e-mail account ... I keep getting a message saying I need ActiveX to be enabled .... it is flaming enabled but it still won't let me in and then to top it all this afternoon I can't get into my Virgin on-demand service.  A very polite and pleasant young lady called Melody with a strong Indian accent informed me that lots of customers were reporting the same problem and that they were looking into it.

Anyhoo back to things crafty and thrifty and vintage.

Last Saturday was the 5th Northampton Vintage & Handmade Fair .... this is a fantastic event with oodles of vintage loveliness, friendly sellers who are mostly bloggers too so great to put faces to names and organised by Ann and Trevor who do a great job.  Here are a few photos I took ...

It was a quieter day than usual but there was a similar event on at Stony Stratford which isn't too far away so we were probably sharing the vintage lovers that day.  Ann and Trevor are organising another fair on Saturday 9th July at a new venue in Olney ... I have my table booked and I'm looking forward to this one too as Olney is a lovely little market town.

I made one small purchase at the end of the day .... I don't know how I had missed it on my little circuits round the room earlier in the day but OH came in and said there's one of those baby picture you like out there and he pointed to Debbie's stall.  I grabbed my purse and ran over and there sat this


It's not by Lilian Rowles this time .... Bessie Pease Gutmann is the artist for this one ..... Bessie was an American illustrator and artist and was at her most prolific during the early 1900s.  There style is so similar and I just love them .... look at the little verse on this one.

So this little darling will now hang with my only other Gutmann which OH also spotted at the car boot a few weeks back (he's getting good .... I must pull my socks up!)

On the crafting front I have nearly finished my hexi quilt ..... just a little more hand stitching to do and then the binding and thankfully my poor little pinkie has recovered although the end of it feels like a piece of old leather.

I am champing at the bit to start another quilt ... I have an order for a single size blue & white one and I've collected all the fabrics together (some from Patch Fabrics & Haberdashery) .... just need to get started.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend whatever you are doing x


  1. Lots and lots of lovely goodies. Strange how people are having trouble leaving comments on some blogs.

  2. We were at Stony Stratford, that was also a bit quieter than it is usually,there have been other vintage fairs held there recently- you obviously can get too much of a good thing! See you at Olney Linda x

  3. I have been having blogger problems too, I haven't been able to sign in to the fair blog all week to upload photos of the fair. The picture you bought from Debbie is lovely, she has another one on our stall in Brackley. Look forward to seeing you both in Olney.
    Ann x

  4. Hiya! I've caught up with your posts after my long break. I lurve the baby pics, so cute! A few bloggers are having teccy problems with Blogger at the moment. I tried to upload a post last week and gave up in the end! SueXXX

  5. Hi thank you for your comment it was very helpful and it worked!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Oh, now, you see, you've jinxed me with your bliddy technology post! Just left a long paragraph about how fantastic that birdy fabric is, and you won't regret it, and I wish I had more, and it's a lovely thick cotton, and blah di blah... and it wouldn't go through. Growl! So am typing again. Thanks for popping by my blog, and have a lovely weekend yourself. Fingers crossed this posts! x