Sunday, 15 May 2011

Quilter's finger and other matters ....

Ooh ahhh ouch

My poor finger has been pricked to pieces in the quest to hand sew a hexi quilt .... I can't get on with a thimble and I've tried the little rubber wotsits used to collate paper but just cannot use them either so I am giving my pinkie a rest for a few days.  Here is progress so far .... looks like it will be single size by the time I am finished and I am just using remnants and offcuts from other projects.

Hexis are great little time fillers ..... I keep a basket where I pop my scraps, templates and supplies and I just dip in and out when I have a little spare time!

On Friday I met with Serenata of The Balancing Kiwi blog and if you pop over there you will find a lovely amusing account of our day

this is Tatty  ... Scruff's partner in crime

He is growing on me and looks better now he is at home than he did on a dusty old market stall ... he still needs a visit to the poodle parlour though !

Serenata had found a print by Lilian Rowles at an antiques fair earlier this year and had kindly brought it along to add to my collection .... isn't she beautiful

I missed my car booting yesterday because I had the grands on sleepover on Friday night but I made up for it this morning .... are you ready

one large lined curtain in a fabulous Beatrix Potter print ... it is covered with little cameos of all the favourite characters

A Beswick Flower/Posy Vase

A large ice blue 1930s glass bowl

A complete set of 75 copies of Golden Hands magazine from the early 1970s   .... does anyone fancy knitting a very stylish housecoat ;-)

Some wonderful magazines from 1951

 which will probably be coming with me to the Northampton Vintage Fair this coming Saturday 21st May  .... I can't wait as it is fantastic venue with oodles of vintage loveliness and of course some equally lovely bloggers ..... hope to see your there x


  1. I love your hexy quilt, it really is lovely. You certainly did well at the boot sale. Looking forward to catching up on Saturday.
    Ann x

  2. Your hexies look great lovely, not sure I could attempt it on such a large scale so well done to you!

    B xxx

  3. I too got hexie finger when I did mine - actually I still have a calous but it was worth it - I tried every kind of thimble type thingy available but couldnt get on with any of them. I posted photos of mine on my blog the other day - you might want a peek - I put a crochet trim around the edge and I am really pleased with it. I was actually a little lost when I finished it as I worked on it almost every evening for 2 months. Phew a labour of love. Where is it now - on the setee under the DOG. Good job I love him.

  4. Tatty really is a cutie after all! ;-) He certainly looks better there than when he was on that dusty old chair at the market. Scruff said he wants Tatty to stay with you so that they can get together for a bit of old reminiscing every now and again!

  5. That quilt is realy labour of love Debbie. Loving the magazines, especially the Woman's Weeklies and the Nursery World which I haven't seen before.

  6. That quilt is fabulous, and the Beatrix Potter curtain and those magazines will keep you occupied in those free moments you don't have.
    (You're on my mailing list)

  7. I love all those patterns in your hexi quilt, it must take ages to make one of those. Those boot sale finds are brilliant too, especially all those vintage magazines; I bet they make an interesting read to dip into.

    P.S. Hope the pinkie is feeling better


  8. What great finds - and I did enjoy reading about your day out with Serenata too! I love it that you came to see my Reunionaise quilt, when you're busy with your own hexie one. My first impression of my new quilt was that it was quite badly made and under strain because of the different weights of fabric used. It was only when the couple had it held up in the sunshine to fold it back up that I got the full impression of the colours, and knew I had to have it!