Saturday, 30 April 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Flipping heck it is 2 weeks since I last posted .... the Easter hols seem to have flown by and weren't they glorious .... so much for April showers !

Some good news .... our Royal Family listing on Ebay finished on a wopping £113 and we were absolutely delighted .... 100% of the sale was going to the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund.  While we are on the subject of Royals wasn't it the most heart lifting day yesterday .... only us Brits can do pomp and circumstance like that and have the whole world watching.  Kate's dress was just what I had hoped for .... simple but stylish, traditional and lacey .... I hate meringue type dresses and bustier styles.  We gathered at my daughter's house to watch the proceedings while stuffing sarnies and cakes washed down with a drop of Earl Grey of course.

Today I have been here

This is a new event for me and it is so handy as it is close to home and I must say although footfall was light (must have been the good weather keeping peeps at home I think) I did extremely well and was a good girl and didn't spend too much either.  A lovely cream tea, a jar of homemade Apple Chilli Chutney and these sweet markers for the veg patch.

My remaining stock has been sorted with some heading for Country Matters tomorrow and the remainder packed away until the next Northampton Fair in three weeks time.

Hoping for perfect car booting weather tomorrow .... my favourite one at Stondon started last week and if I can summon the energy there will be three boots to have a good rummage around tomorrow.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend x


  1. You have been busy!! Your stall looks fantastic - as usual : )
    Love your granddaughter's fascinator!!
    Have a great car boot sale & May Day!!!

    Sharon xx

  2. Gosh, the amount you raised on ebay is fantastic - well done. Thought of you last weekend as I saw some baby pictures at the local flea fair. Wedding was lovely wasn't it?

  3. Gosh you have been a busy bee, looks like a fun wedding party you had as well...scrummy scones and the like.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow.

  4. for some reason I've deleted you from my followers, my followers gadget has disappeared from my blog and every other blog that I look at.
    From what I can gather this is all to do with IE security updates and I can't quite figure out yet how to get it back!

    I'll carry on with you on my favourites and reading your posts that way!

  5. Oh my, those cakes look scrummy!!! and isn't your GD growing up fast, she's so pretty.
    And.......... I have a serious case of poster envy, I think I'm going to have to up my game for our next fair.

    Love & blessings

  6. Just catching up on some posts - glad you haven't lost your magic touch