Thursday, 7 April 2011

On top of the world

Well it felt like that this morning ..... we awoke to brilliant sunshine so after dropping some more goodies off at Country Matters we went a little further along the road to Barton with the dogs for a walk around the hills.  The little corner of the village where the circular walk starts is so picturesque with choc box cottages and the church.

The circular walk takes you up a bridle path with views over the Bedfordshire countryside looking towards Hexton and Silsoe

the view down the bridle path

when we reached the brow of the hill to our right was a very steep valley looking down towards the village and we were so excited to see a pair of kites gracefully gliding on the thermals .... they swooped up and down the valley

our walk continued on a downwards path now (thank goodness as I am totally out of condition) down towards Barton Springs at the very bottom where two pooches immediately dived into the water to cool off

All that fresh air and hearts pounding as we walked up the hill made us glad to be alive and  it cost us nothing .... perfect xx


  1. Definitely a wonderful way to exercise and enjoy some time together.

  2. Hello, what beautiful countryside you live in and what a walk you had, this country is so beautiful and when the sunshines there is nowhere to touch it and everyone has a smile for you.

  3. Lovely photographs - haven't seen red kites over this spot yet myself. It was really hot in the garden, so no wonder the pooches wanted to paddle - were you tempted?

  4. Ooooh I really enjoyed that!

  5. Beautiful views. Yesterday did feel like the first real day of Spring and what a lovely way to celebrate it.

  6. Another post with gorgeous photos and in praise of the simple things in life... seems like there are many of us doing that, eschewing the materialistic in favour of the simplistic and natural. Thanks for sharing... great to see the kites!

  7. You know I love a great walk! One of the best things on earth. That looks lovely. xxxx

  8. Looks so perfect Debbie. A lovely walk.
    P xx

  9. What a lovely walk!! It's a great part of the world isn't it?

    Sharon xx