Friday, 1 April 2011

Through the eyes of a child .....

Some of my homemade cards from the children that I mind .... wonderful how they see you isn't it??   The earrings are captured perfectly in the first one and that's me with the short hair above .... you could tell couldn't you ;-)

 This is Lala two chins and Jack taken yesterday .... I hate having photographs taken and it is rare to actually see me looking at the camera ... I'm usually grimacing or squinting at the flash!

Here are some pics of my goodies from yesterday .... I got lots of my favourite Lindt chocolate too which should keep me going until Easter.

I've been out bargain hunting this morning too and spent some of the money given to me by DS2 .... you already know about my Blue & White china fetish and I was lucky to bag these at the flea market this morning

 This is a Staffordshire flow blue razor box dating to around 1880 .... there are no makers marks but with a little digging in my reference books I may be able to find out the name of the pattern and the factory it came from.  Flow blue really came about by accident during the firing process and was regarded as seconds for a while until the American market found a thirst for it and it is still just as popular over there now.  I just love the decoration on the inside too .... the two little rests are for the gentleman of the house's cut throat razor and this would have been part of a complete toilet set originally.

and this is a little miniature doll's plate by Royal Doulton .... the design is called Watteau ... the little sweetie only measures 3" across.

Some Ladybird books .... I have been searching for this crochet one for ages

Some fabulous 1950s DIY magazines .... love the division of labour !

I was at an auction on Wednesday and as per usual just couldn't stop my hand from going up in the air and bidding

Can't wait till tomorrow either .... there is a charity auction in a nearby village and part of it is being held in the pub  ... what a double bonus ..... have a great weekend whatever you are doing x

PS   Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes too xx


  1. What a lovely card! It's such a good likeness.

    Madison xxx

  2. Have to love the cards.

    Oh and I am SO jealous you have found the ladybird crochet book. That is still on my list to find.

    Looks like you did really well with all those fantastic books.

    Gorgeous blue ware. I added to my collection yesterday, must take some pictures.

  3. Ladybird crochet book is on my list too. Love the pictures they are great.

  4. Glad you had a lovely birthday, enjoy your auction tomorrow....there just so exciting arn't they, have a Happy Mothers Day! x

  5. Another one who'd love the crochet book here.

    Nice to put a face to the name too :)

  6. Lovely to "see" you lala, I somehow imagined you with long hair! Lovely photographs of your gifts/treasures too. xx

  7. Wonderful post Debbie, if you have too many chocolates, just let us all know......;O)

  8. Love the pic, the sweet cards, and all the vintage finds!!
    You'll end up needing a bigger house!!!
    You had some great pressies too!!

    Sharon xx