Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sun Dried Chicken anyone ????

Since the calamity with our chickens last May with Mr Fox we have been taking extra special care with the new girls.  On days where we can thrown open the French doors and keep an eye on them we have been letting them have the freedom of the whole garden.  This morning they strutted their stuff as usual and then as I was putting some washing on the line they went over onto their sides and basked in the midday sunshine .... it looked so funny so I had to grab the camera.

Ruby was keeping a watchful eye and Molly was soaking up the sun outside her master's shed door.

I've been having a rather productive week ..... swap parcel completed and posted, letter cushion orders completed and posted, some new items to place in Country Matters tomorrow completed and I have started to organise what stock to take to the Originate Vintage Fair on 30th April.

I've also been making some upcycled cake stands with the vintage plates I purchased at the auction last week and some glass candlesticks.

and finally a group of ladies on the SCC forum are knitting The Royal Family to raise funds for the Japanese Tsunami Effort .... here is my Prince Charles

Enjoy the glorious sunshine xx


  1. Your chickens are so lovely. I love how well behaved your dog is towards them. Can't wait to see the whole knitted Royal Family assembled.

  2. Happy chickens!! The cake stands look great ...what a clever idea. I love the knitted Prince Charles, can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Gosh is that nearly a year since Mr Fox visited? Mr Deer is visiting here and causing havoc with fruit trees and strawberry plants, but it is no where near as awful as a visit from Mr Fox would be.
    LOVING your Prince Charles. :O)))))))))))

  4. I never knew that about chickens, that they can roll on their sides like that. I'd have panicked thinking they were dying!

  5. Hello you

    Love the sunbathing chickens, and what a fab idea for the cale stands!

    Prince Charles totally rocks! you are a very clever knitter - will there be a photo call of them all together??


  6. Great photographs, I really miss my chickens, I could watch them for ages, they really enjoy life when they are free. Prince Charles looks amazing, I'm looking forward to bidding on him and his family! xx

  7. The chickens look like they are really enjoying the sunshine and I must say your Prince looks very handsome!

  8. Your chickens are great, we are seriously thinking about getting some as a friend has offered us some bantams. Just not sure what Josh the dog would make of them. Your cake stands are lovely by the way.
    Ann x