Monday, 27 June 2011

It's a cat's life ......

I've always maintained that I'm coming back in the next life as a tom cat ..... what a life he does lead eating and sleeping then more eating and sleeping ....

Oliver conked out in the heat this afternoon

I've been a bit of a slack blogger again and although I have been reading everyone's posts and leaving the odd comment here and there I just haven't found the motivation to post myself.  Is it just me or do you find that real life gets in the way sometimes and there just aren't enough hours in the day?

We've been trying to spruce up the hall, stairs and landing a bit with a coat of paint but that has to be restricted to the weekends when there are no little people here ... the emulsion is all done and I'm trying to keep up with the glossing but with 6 doors and a wooden staircase it's a long job.  The smell of the paint this weekend mixed with the heat was unbearable.  I found some Jack Vettriano prints in the charity shop some time back but the frames were ugly so they have been given a simple spray of black paint and now they have a new home on the stair well.

Crafting has been continuing and I've been finishing some orders received through my Folksy shop and via the recent V & H fairs that I have been part of .... here are some finished pieces

A blue themed single patchwork quilt in a mix of vintage Laura Ashley fabrics matched with some contemporary cottons from Patch Fabric & Haberdashery

alphabet letter cushion for a Christening gift

 hand stitched hexagon patchwork quilt to take to the next Vintage & Handmade Fair in Olney

to decorate a new born's bedroom

some peg bags for a special lady who has embarked on a new venture here

The first batch of Gooseberry Jam has been made ..... my gooseberry bushes were transferred from my dad's allotment to the bottom of my garden some 15 years ago when he had to give it up following a stroke.  They still bear some lovely fruit every year (apart from the time my OH was let loose with some secateurs that is)

A smidgeon of bargain hunting has been going on but my car booting forays have been cut short by babysitting duties and the lousy weather we were experiencing up till yesterday.  I did manage to find these ....

The cutest miniature sewing machine ...... it has been handmade and is actually musical and when wound it plays a tune, the little treddle goes up and down and the little cotton reel turns ...... how could I resist???  It only stands around 6 inches high and the detail is just perfect.

A vintage hexagon sewing box containing vintage hexagons that someone had started to work on .... maybe I'll get around to finishing them.

Back to the fairs ..... on 9th July at a new venue in Olney, Ann & Trevor are organising another of their fantastic vintage & handmade fairs.  If you are in the area please do pop along ... there will be loads of vintage goodies on sale, some lovely sellers (most of whom as lovely bloggers too) and naturally oodles of tea and homemade cakes.  Olney itelf is a lovely market town with lots of history, shopping & antiques.


  1. Well I have only one thing to say about this post...WOW, what a lovely find, (what me, green eyes with envy, nah, couldn't be) what gorgeous makes, yummy jam, okay, more than one thing ;-) Wonderful!

  2. I'm with Serenata ... WOW! How busy you have been - how on earth do you do it (and so well Mrs!) The Jack Vettrianos look very stylish up the stairs and your quilts look AMAZING.

    Well done Lala - you're an inspiration to us all.

  3. Oh, gorgeous makes Lala. You have been busy. Lovely little sewing machine/ music box. Very unique and very you.

    Madison xxx

  4. I can see that you have been a busy lady recently Deb.
    I did make some raspberry jam on Saturday but I think I let it boil to long and it is rather thick, could probably hang wallpaper with it but it tastes good so in my books that is what counts.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hubby at Olney.

  5. Some excellent finds there - and around here it's a dog's life. Yep, I can be bitchy! lol


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  7. Oh my, ... I've connections with Olney. I never knew there was a fair there. Must investigate. Would love to have a stall there! How exciting. Love all your work. Blogging should be lifted and dropped as time permits - should never rule. Your stairs look fabulous, and very smart.
    And how cute is that sewing machine! x
    ps. Did the post for Laj, and pointed her to it.

  8. You have been one busy lady.......... Lovely cushions - the spelling out of "Jack" makes for a lovely photo and really sells the concept. I am marvelling at your jam - mine always seems to a bit sludge coloured when its goosegogs, but yours seems to be quite green. We have a blackbird that has a taste for the berries and spends hours sitting on the bushes.....

  9. You've been working your magic again - in every department, but I have to admit that Oliver has stolen my heart!

  10. Oh my word, I knew all the time, Lala-supernan !!!!
    Loving Oliver, he's sooo cute!

    Love & blessings

  11. Lovely crafting & finds!! Know what you mean about having not blogged for ages, it's just the same with me too : )
    Lovely cat, and look forward nto seeing you next Saturday !!! : )

    Sharon xx