Thursday, 30 June 2011

Paint it black ....

Noo I'm not going into a depression ...... well I wasn't until I tried to log into my internet banking tonight !    My bank in its wisdom has introduced a secure key (compulsory) and the bliddy thing froze on my first attempt ..... trying to get through on the telephone to speak to a human being for assistance was another challenge and now I sit waiting impatiently for a time delay to come to an end so that it will power off and I can start all over again :-(   Fast losing the will to live!!

Anyhow back to the real intention of this post

Having sprayed the frames on my Vetrianno prints I got a little spray can happy

These four black & white prints were in one of the very first editions of BBC Homes & Antiques magazine many years ago .... they have been hanging on my landing in gold frames and how I wish I had painted them ages ago ... the black frame makes them stand out brilliantly.

My lovely Rosa Bonheur print from 1891 entitled Patient has received a fresh coat of black paint on the frame. This was acquired at an auction a few years back ..... nobody else bid so I came home with her for around a tenner!

Another auction lot that nobody else wanted .....this is by Arthur J Elsley and is called As Good As Ever ..... it is from a series of pictures made for a Bovril advertising campaign and is dated 1912 .... the black paint agains sets of the print beautifully.

I was using my old cast iron patio table to spray them on as it is due for a new coat of paint ....I had intended to use a gunmetal green but I overshot with some of the black spray paint and suddenly realised that I quite liked the black. Upshot is I sprayed the top of the table and the back of one of the chairs to get a fuller effect and will be off tomorrow to purchase some more cans.


  1. We'll be calling you "Banksy" next....;O)

    The frames look really classy - love the picture with the hare.

  2. Love the frames, spray paint is fab isn't it. A bit hooked on it myself now too, way faster than using a silly old brush. Lolo xx

  3. The prints do indeed look great in their black frames. I've never tried using spray paint, but I can see it will be on my list when we next go to homebase or the like!

  4. Those prints look great!


  5. Oh no, I'm waiting for a secure key to come for mine and I fear the same thing happening - very frustrating. Prints look good in black - spray paint is great stuff.