Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sunny Saturday ....

Was up with the larks so decided to take myself off to a couple of car boot sales .... perfect day for it with brilliant sunshine and a warm breeze

My little old heart skipped a beat as I turned off the road into my first car boot which is set in open countryside with poppy fields to one side and sheep grazing on the hillside on the other.  I like this one because there is a good mix of items and lots of "we've been clearing granny's house" type sellers .... my favourite !!

First to be popped into Lala's booty trolley today was the blue coffee set ..... the coffee pot, cream & sugar are Grindley Petal Ware and the cups & saucers are Johnson Brothers

The little box on the front caught my eye and on closer inspection it was obvious that with a midwife for a daughter I had to have it .... she can take it into work and show the new mums ..... this is how it was done pre Cow &  Gate etc.

It is made by Maws who apparently have been in existence for some 200 years and now sell under the Tommy Tippee brand.  The Improved Breast Glass ..... a breast pump from around 1890 ..... must have been sitting in someone's cupboard for a very long time !

Next stop was a ten minute drive away and although it was cram packed today it was mostly stuff for babies and children .... anyone who is a bit cash strapped could kit out an entire nursery and clothe a child for years for very little outlay .... wish car boots had been around when my lot were small - I'd have saved a fortune.

Did manage to pick up the brass candlesticks here and the deco green glass boat dish ... I've seen lots of these but this is the first time I've seen one in a pretty plated basket type stand.

This CB is right next to a PYO so with some time to spare I thought I'd get some strawberries

From polytunnel to punnet to jar .... mmmmmmm

Hope you have all had a sunny Saturday too xx


  1. Some lovely and interesting finds today :-) Yummy jam!

  2. Oh I am seriously jealous Lala! I've hardly been to any booties this year, and you have found some gorgeous treasures! X

  3. What a good day. The breast pump looks quite scary! think I'd have ended up eating all the strawberries before I got to making jam, once we start we can't stop with strawberries.

  4. What a lovely day you had Lala! I barely budged - still recovering from horrid tummy bug ...

    The blue crockery looks lovely.

  5. I've just blog hopped and landed here. It's good to see someone have a good day. I did too with some lovely bargains at the local car boot.
    Love from Mum

  6. A very productive day. I'm not a car booter, probably because I can never get up early enough for the bargains but I do admire anyone who can and you got some great items.

  7. I'm hoping to type a comment, and it will go straight through! I'm amazed - never knew breast pumps went back that far. It look a fab car boot, and such a lovely setting as well. I love pick your own, but we always end up picking too much as the kiddies get carried away. Thanks for popping by. I'm counting down the days - I love having them home for the summer hols. xx

  8. Eeek, what a find with the breast glass. Terrifying contraptions whether vintage or new! (pumps that is, not breasts). Love your other finds though, I rarely get to car boots as my eldest has tennis at the weekend.