Friday, 22 July 2011

At the end of the day .....

I've just got back from walking the dogs over the playing fields .... just the sound of the birds singing and the dogs panting as they ran around in circles.  The sky was still blue on one side, as it has been all day here thankfully, with black rain clouds looming on the horizon.  They followed me all the way home and now there is the fresh smell of rain soaked grass wafting in the French doors.

Today has been the first day of our school summer holidays and as a registered childminder the hols become my busiest time and today I had three girls, two aged 5 and one aged 7 plus my 7 year old grand-daughter and 2 year old grandson.  I'd asked everyone to bring wellies and coats because I was convinced it was going to be a wet day but how wrong can you be .... it has been perfect and they have played outside most of the day making dens and playing schools (I know you'd think they would have had enough wouldn't you!).  It can be a long day when the first one arrives at 8.00 a.m. and the last one leaves at 6.00 p.m. but thank you Mr Sunshine and Mr Blue Sky for coming out today.

Lala has a new toy ..... I have coveted one of these for years and up till now had taken advantage of freecycled blenders and mixers ...... so it was about time that I splashed out

First test run was with the blender attachment .... yes more courgette soup!   Thank you all for your suggestions after my last post .... some lovely recipes to try and not a rude one among them :-)

I've got a load of turnips gifted from a workmate of my OH in exchange for my homemade jam .....  turnip soup anyone????

Me and the girlies started the day with a little baking session ..... well a girl has to have something to keep her going doesn't she

Just as I was about to round the chooks up and get the last of the washing in I spied this sneaky creature

Mr Zachary Binks having a nose in the bird shed window ..... my OH has had a bumper year breeding his canaries, budgies and parakeets and the sound of tweeting had obviously attracted his attention.  Fortunately there is wire attached to the inside of the window so he couldn't get any further.

Just wait till your father gets home and I tell him!

Well it's tootsies up time now with a cuppa and a couple of those scones & jam and then I'm going to get hooking again ..... I don't know how big this one will end up yet ..... I'm quite enjoying making the odd hexagon and joining them as I go .... not sure about the white yarn I am using to join them though mmmmmm.

Fingers crossed that the rain has cleared by morning as I am really looking forward to a thrifting weekend at the car booties.

Have a great weekend x


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy but fun day. Your new 'toy' looks fab, glad you have had fun playing with it. :-)

    I was hoping we may be able to arrange a meet up over the summer, but sounds like you are going to be too busy.

    Have a lovely weekend, think I will have a quiet one, I am shattered.

  2. ooh i lovel Mr Thakery Binks isnt he lovely, and you cant blame him for taking a peek..
    love the atmospheric photograph
    have a lovely weekend
    Carol x

  3. ooops sorry Zachary, note to self, put glasses on when reading blogs.....