Monday, 11 July 2011

A new addiction and a little rant ......

Some time back I found one of these little gadgets in an old sewing box .... I wondered what on earth it was for and popped it on the shelf and there it sat until I found a collection of 1970s Golden Hands Craft Books.

I had a little browse through them and found some of these

which I copied and sent to Serenata who makes lovely clothes for her Sasha doll collection here

and then I came across this one

and when I looked inside all became clear

It's a daisy maker ..... so no guesses as to the new addiction!

Car Booty pickings this weekend were scarce unless of course you wanted to deck out a nursery and clothe lots of small children.  Here's what I did manage to find ...

and now dear bloggers I must get this off my chest!

Apologies in advance if I upset anyone but this is fast becoming my pet hate and our experiences on the roads this weekend just reinforced it even more. 

The common lycra lout

To be found on rural roads and on busy dual carriageways
Usually out in packs in matching fluorescent lycra and funny hats
Mostly male with boney bums on sharp saddles
Insist on riding three abreast and hogging the road

This weekend we passed some peddling like hell on both sides of a busy narrow road and causing no end of problems for other road users  .... one was so lucky not to have ended up on the verge as he wobbled along and the traffic was not going fast ... in fact quite the opposite everyone was slowed down to around 20 mph

On the busy dual carriageway near us there are regular time trials with hoards of them going back and forth with flag bearing numpties standing on islands and corners encouraging them.  I really don't know how they get permission to do this.

Gawd I am getting a grouchy old bat :-)


  1. Grouch away! I think they forget they are not the only ones on the road sometimes.

  2. Glad I`m not the only one those hairless bikers annoy. Although, I must admit, I`ve never really notice how boney their bums are. You must be driving much closer than me!lol
    I remember the `Daisy Wheel` first time around, I`m that old. Have a good week.

  3. The daisy maker looks so much fun - is it as easy as it looks? (I am a remedial crafter)

  4. Lakota it is a little fiddly at first but once you get going it is quite easy and doesn't take long to make the daisy. The outer edge is just 1DC into the 3 loops of each petal with 5CH in between.

    Nana I'm that old too ;-)

  5. Nearly chocked on my biscuit at this post!

    Both my husband & 10 year old are cyclists (not me, my bum is far too big for lycra!) They are considerate on the road, but occasionally G has to pull along side Oli as guide/protector.

    I am frequentley caught chuntering much like you at 2 a breast riders grrr!, however sometimes car drivers can be aggressive & i think this is why some cyclist ride in pack/as protection. I dread knocking one down...

    Love the daisy maker


    ps - G has hairless legs in the summer, most annoying that they are smoother than mine!

  6. Funnily enough, I was commenting down here that there seem to be more of the grey haired cycling brigade about this year...........

    Funny to see one of those Daisy Makers again. Always wondered what people made from them and now I know!

  7. Oh My Goodness! A Flower Loom!! What a blast from the past! I was given one of these for Christmas back in the 70's - I made loads and used to give them to my older cousins who would sew them together to make waistcoats, scarves and shoulder bags.

  8. I used to have a complete hardback set of Golden Hands - wish I still had it. Often find myself behind cyclists on the narrow roads around here - me crawling carefully behind them unwilling to overtake with a long impatient queue behind. Inevitably, some wise guy with no patience overtakes the lot of us, often on a bend, endangering everybody.
    I did take exception to the lycra clad gang who suddenly turned right enmass in front of me the other day - not one of them looked behind - thank goodness for good brakes!

  9. I think I may have had one of those thingies along with a Knitting Nancy !

    My in laws are / were all cyclists.... (FIL very famous in his day) I was horrified to hear that they were cycling to our daughter's Christening ( long time ago ) & banned any lycra !!!!

  10. I, too, had the full set of Golden Hands. Hubby insisted it go whenever we had a clear out session. I always hid the set somewhere else. I think it eventually went as I can't remember where I last hid it. It may pop out of the woodwork sometime.
    I used to take a friend to work with me each day. Whenever we saw one of these lycra clad cyclists someone (??) said, "Reach out and pinch his bum"! We never dared though.
    Love from Mum

  11. Hi , great to find your blog. I totally agree about cylists in packs .I hate it when they ride on the road when there is a cycle track too.
    off to read some more posts :0)
    Jacquie x

  12. I'm with you on the cyclists being annoying pests on the road. I live in Australia in a very beautiful mountaineous area east of a big city. It's a magnet for cyclists as the roads are challenging for bike riding. The roads are also narrow and curvy which makes it extremely dangerous when they are on the road. Somehow I imagine they are thinking they are a part of the tour of France. Perhaps I'm being uncharitable.