Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I've been re-charging my batteries since the weekend .... after a triple grands sleepover I was absolutely pooped and I've now issued a child free request for the remaining weekends of this month!!  Bet I'll cave in, I just can't say no.

I found my Family Tree disc and whilst looking for it came across this lovely little card.  It was hand painted and given to me as a birthday card from my grandparents around 40 years ago.  Isn't she sweet .... the artist was a lady my grandma knew and I think I have another stashed away somewhere in a memory box. 

 I've had to start a bigger memory box to hold all my smaller memory boxes which contain invites to family celebrations, locks of hair, wedding cake decorations, photos, birthday and Christmas cards and loads more which I will have a sort through and post about at a later date.  Do you have a memory box and would you like to share what's inside???  Would love to know.


  1. I have a very large memory box, more of a chest 'hehe' and don't think it will be long before I start another lol.
    Did a post on it a little while back.
    Love that card!

    Beki xxx

  2. I have a memorie box, although periodically I have e review. I still have the tin of crayola crayons that saw me through primary school - the smell brings back so many memories.

    I am working on ones for the children - its been an an ongoing one over the past few weeks - I want them to know why I've saved some of the things (- just in case I get hit by a bus..)

    Lovely card!


  3. Being the child of Forces parents, I dont have a memory box due to having to have a "clear out" before each move. Perhaps that explains why I am such a hoarder now???? :O))))))))

    Great card, by the way

  4. That card would make a smashing embroidery.

  5. Lala ... love the header photo ... tell us about it (you might have already on the blog somewhere but I can't see it)

  6. I love memory boxes and we have a stack here for every occasion - births, marriges, birthdays....the lot!

    Have a lovely child free weekend. Nx