Friday, 5 March 2010

The Very Hungry Caterpillar .... thank you Eric Carle

Yesterday was World Book Day and today is the day our primary school has allowed the children to go in as their favourite book characters.  There were some wonderful sights to see ...... Harry Potter, Dobbie, Mr Bump, Mrs Wobble, Matilda and Where's Wally and a very special Hungry Caterpillar

We cheated a little with a bought suit from Asda but I made the butterfly wings yesterday from some wire which I covered in a lovely silky rainbow stripe fabric from Hobbycraft finished with some circles of glitter on PVA.  I had a brainwave this morning and started rummaging through my play food box so that Ellie can tell the story (which she knows off by heart as most 5 year olds do). 

Thank you Mr Carle for such a wonderful book which celebrated its 40th birthday last year .... unbelievable !!

I also have a copy of The Very Lonely Firefly which the children love too.


  1. Maxi is having a very hungry catapillar 5th birthday party in a weeks time

  2. Oh Debbie, that "littlie" is a delight to look at, isn't she? She looks as she loves the camera!!! :O))))))))))))))))

  3. Cute ... this was always a favourite day when I was teaching.

  4. Awww how cute!! I love reading that book to my children xx

  5. I love that book - its one I know off by heart :)

    Little one look very cute - lovely costume :)

  6. That is one excellent little caterpillar. Twiglet went to school as Thomas the Tank Engine complete with top hat/funnel !!
    Twiggy x

  7. A fabulous photo!
    It's my sons favourite book (and he is 25!)
    We both have the VHC mugs too!

  8. This is just soooo cute and she looks very bonny in it too. You must be very proud.
    Jak x

  9. What a really gorgeous hungry caterpillar. My daughter went to school as the gruffalo...
    .....but she was the teacher!!! :-) :-)
    A x

  10. What a fabulous costume - I'm just having a cuppa and cathing up with your blog. xxxx