Saturday, 20 March 2010

Real life takes over again

Boy am I glad to see the end of this week .... it's been one of those when if things can go wrong they will

I started it with some aches and pains and a corking headache but soldiered on as us wimmin do (no time for man flu in this house ;-) 

By Thursday I was feeling better which was just as well as I had two littlies to look after one being grandson Jack whose mum was attending a meeting with her manager and union rep because the manager is being really awkward about her hours when she returns to work after maternity leave.  When she came home at lunchtime we tucked into some scrambled eggs (couldn't be fresher as I only have to go to the bottom of the garden to collect them from our girls).  Jack is 8 months old now so she tried him with just a teaspoon of scramble and within an hour he had a massive allergic reaction ..... he was covered from head to toe in a rash with huge white welts on his face and his little eyes, ears and lips were swelling .... he was rushed immediately to our surgery which is only a couple of minutes away where he was given anti-allergy medication.  The doctor has said that he will be unable to eat any egg until he is seven years old (he should have grown out of it by then apparently) so we've been doing our homework since on what we can and cannot feed him and it is amazing how many things contain egg.

It was a very scary experience for us grown ups and although I have knowledge of allergies through my childcare work I had never seen a reaction first hand but bless him he still managed to smile .... this was taken a couple of hours after the reaction

Later in the day his little hands and feet were swollen but thankfully by the end of the next day it had all disappeared.  He has been suffering with dry skin on his cheeks which has been treated as exczema but now we think this coincided with weaning which started at Christmas and after checking labels not all baby food is egg free so it was probably a milder reaction to just a trace of egg.

So I haven't been a lazy blogger this week it was just real life taking over again. 

I am taking advantage of a child free weekend to finish off some projects and plan some new ones which I will blog about later.

If any of you have experience of egg allergy I would really appreciate any advice you can offer.


  1. How scary for you! Hope he grows out of it with time - so many products do contain eggs.

  2. poor babe looks just like my R looks pretty much always!!
    couple off the top of my cheddars...mcvities contain egg...tesco/aldi do not. tinned pasta...heinz bob the builder etc sorts say MAY contain trace...THEY DEF DO!!!!
    R is helping my figure(yeh right lol!!) restaurants we rarely get a dessert as most ice creams have egg in :D and its mean to say yum yum and he can't partake!!
    Yorkshire Puds - me and mum cobble together a batter with no egg but with baking powder...pretty grim my others won't eat them but he doesn't seem to mind and with gravy makes him feel part of it!!
    I still haven't mastered egg free cake making even after this time..his birthday cake was an egg free cupcake pile!! You have to eat same day as they are not great...if I find a foolproof one I'll pass on (likewise if you do hehehe!!) I tend to make chocolate crispie cakes or oat bisuits/shortbread/flapjack type treats for him.
    Will keep thinking xxx
    I am still that mad label reading lady in the supermarket but it does get easier xxxxx

  3. Poor little fella - what a scary experience.

  4. Oh, how frightening for you. I'm glad Jack is OK. xx