Friday, 15 October 2010

Another day ..... another question ??????

Following on from yesterday's theme 'out of the mouths of babes' ...... the early morning question today from Ellie was "nanny why didn't you and grandad wait for me before you got married?"

Flip explain that one!

On the 3rd November we will have been married for 31 years the heck did that happen?  Is it really 37 years since our first date at the high school youth club?   I can't be that old already!

In those days it was virtually unheard of to live together and is was taken for granted that you would go out for a decent amount of time, get engaged, get married and set up home together in preparation for the patter of tiny feet.  We saved hard for years for a mortgage on our first home which was purchased in 1978 and stood empty for 12 months before we tied the knot.  Mainly because having paid a hefty deposit on the house we had nothing left to furnish it with and I don't think we would have dared move in  anyhow.  The house was £14,000 and the deposit was £2,000 plus fees.

Bit of a long winded explanation for a 6 year old don't you think so I just left it that we couldn't even wait for her mummy (and aunt & uncles) and we didn't know she was coming.  She seemed quite happy with that explanation.

I wonder what tomorrow morning's question will be ?????


  1. I love the questions children ask, and the embarrassed looks on the faces of adults as they try to think of a way to answer them!! Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding anniversary.
    Jo xx

  2. LOL, now that is a good question! Strange how times have changed.

  3. Great question and I really like your answer ... she's such a cutie!

  4. Love the question but loving the answer.


  5. Ha - it was our 31st earlier this year too, but I must say we did live together before we were married, but we were engaged. Both of us had left home when we were students ten years earlier. Our house was £14,000 too and saving that deposit was difficult and so was getting the mortgage. We had make do furniture - everything was given by parents or bought in junk shops, but my in-laws did buy us a bed for a wedding present. My parents gave us some money towards our wedding, so we had a do-it-yourself reception in our rented home and used the money to top up our deposit. Can't imagine many doing that these days!
    (sorry about the long comment!)

  6. Brilliant! Like you I wonder where the time has gone? Lizzie

  7. It really annoys me these days when the young girls I work with say that house buying is out of their grasp because of the expense. We managed it, but we didnt have our own cars, designer clothing, 3 holidays a year (Thailand every year is a must!)and weekends away with the girls!! One girl that I worked with recently, refused to move into the brand new 4 bed detached house her parents had paid the deposit for (1st house!) until it was fully furnished! I sat on a milk crate in my first house for 6 months! We did it the right way. xx

  8. We too had our 31st anniversary this year and paid £11,000 for our 1st house saving an absolute age for the £1000 deposit...we lived together for about a year before and almost everything was 2nd hand.....I have such fond memeories of those days xx