Sunday, 24 October 2010

By the skin of my teeth ......

Yesterday was the day of the Northampton Vintage & Homemade Fair.  We set off in plenty of time and in our wisdom decided to avoid the motorway and go the scenic route .... first big mistake!  Flaming google maps sent us all round the houses wasting time and diesel and an hour later we ended up on the motorway desperate to stop to fill up and no idea which way to go when we got into Northampton.  Thank goodness DD1 was at home so I phoned her and she gave us directions which helped but we still managed to get lost in the town centre.  Time was ticking by and I thought we'd never get there so I rang Anne of Vintage at the Corner House who was jointly organising the event with Debbie of Vintage Wants Not Needs to apologise for being late and to ask for help.  Debbie's dear hubbie rang me back and was a perfect satnav and guided us into the fair with just 20 minutes to go before opening time.  A journey that should have taken an hour had taken 1hr 45!  We also passed a nasty accident where a motorbiker had come off his bike .... there were lots of people there helping and then this afternoon I got a call from my brother who had been driving in the same area in the early morning and in the pouring rain and darkness he had aquaplaned across the road and into some woods.  His car is a total wreck and someone must have been smiling on him because he walked away with just a few bruises.

Anyhow .... back to the fair ..... I managed to get set up in record time and everyone there was so lovely with offers of help and a cup of coffee.  The atmosphere was perfect and there were visitors by the coachload .... a big round of applause for Debbie & Ann who had organised the event to the highest standard.  We had such an enjoyable day and the bonus was that I was able to put faces and real names to some bloggers that will be familiar to you all ..... Wend @ Ticking Stripes, Sharon @ Clover Cottage but I missed Jo @ Hesta Nesta somehow!   It was very busy and I made lots of sales and chatted away all afternoon ...... can't wait now till next time !

Thanks again Debbie & Ann for a splendid afternoon x

PS I'll make sure I get there in plenty of time ;-)


  1. Nightmare journey but worth it in the end! Glad you got there in time and so glad you had a good day, makes it all worth it.

  2. Well done and glad you are all safe and well have a good week hugs Pat.

  3. So glad you got there!!! It was lovely to see you again, and we will certainly have to meet again! It was a great day!
    Next time the journey will be better!!!
    Have a great week : )


  4. Phew! Glad you made it. Sounds like a nail biting time. So pleased for you making good sales and meeting other bloggers. :O)

  5. That sounds like a real nightmare journey, but glad it had a happy ending :)

  6. Hope to meet you at the the next one...sorry I missed it..hope you did well, it all looks marvellous!!!
    Annie x

  7. Well done on a successful fair, and pleased that your brother was OK... his guardian angel was with him definitely!

  8. The dreadful journey was obviously a test - which you passed! well done on all those wonderful sales Debbie.
    P xx