Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Love for Lilian

As most of you will know from my Avatar I just love the baby/children prints from the 1930s  by Lilian Rowles.

I am overjoyed this week to add some more to my collection

These charming prints were presented with the Lady's Companion during the month of April 1930 and they are in super condition.

Also on my shopping list was an old tin of buttons

the buttons were great in themselves but the tin ..... am I ever likely to come across another one .... this one is called Two Eyes of Blue and hasn't she just!


  1. Well done! The tin is lovely....I have never seen that picture before.
    You must be so thrilled....I know I am!
    Julie x

  2. I don't know how you do it! You always manage to discover such great finds.

    Well done ... xx

  3. They are really, beautiful, I love some of the scraps I have in my 1930s scrap book of babies and young children. Some of the pictures are very similar but I am not sure if any are the same artist. The tin is an amazing find, I have never seen one like it.
    Ann x

  4. what a fabulous tin, what a treasure, and your prints lovely too

  5. Oh you lucky lady, I couldn't think of a nicer person or a better match for that tin!

    Lovely prints :-)

  6. Such a sweet collection to have and to treasure forever!
    The tin... specially! So cute!


  7. What a beautiful find. I bet you went all hot and breathless until you grabbed it, I know that's how I feel when I come across 'a must have', lol!
    Jak x

  8. What great finds - especially the tin.

  9. you have a wondefull blog! great job! ^^