Monday, 21 May 2012

I need another weekend to get over the weekend !

A busy weekend here with a house full of small people ..... the two resident grands of course plus the others on Saturday afternoon while their parents went off to look for a new bed and yesterday just the two small ones while they went off to Wembley for the play off finals.

I can't believe Harry is 4 weeks old this Wednesday .... he is focusing and starting to take in what is around him and he had his eldest cousin watching over him.

My little bargain hunting friend and I did manage to pop to the charity shop and a church Bazarre on Saturday morning and a car boot yesterday morning before they arrived ..... well a girl has to fit in a little bargain hunting doesn't she!

We were one of the first into the church hall and while Ellie sat with some lovely ladies and made a key ring I wandered off to the bric a brac.  Sitting all on her own at the back of the tables was this just begging me to take her home.

She belonged to one of the elder ladies of the church who had recently passed away and when I went back to show Ellie a voice from behind said that used to belong to my sister.  When I turned around it was my sons' old scout master and he continued to tell me his sister was born in 1955 and she'd had the doll since very young.  She is dressed in 1950s knickers, dress and a soft fleece jacket and apart from a little wobble to the head where the stringing is a bit slack she is in lovely condition.  She is sitting in the little Lloyd loom chair I got a while back and poor Millie couldn't make out why someone else was sitting in her chair.

In the charity shop standing by the door were these ...... the wotnot will be given a coat of Annie Sloan paint and used for display at the Vintage Fairs and I'm sure I can find a corner for the pot stand

On Sunday at the car boot I spied another pot to add to my growing Michel Caugant collection of game pate pots

and I couldn't resist this cheeky little number

They are all Soulet prints from the 1960s

One more little treasure to add to the doll's china collection too .... a little cup standing just 2" tall and dating to 1890

It reads .... The Fairy appeared to Cinderella and shows the fairy godmother standing beside a grandfather clock while Cinderella sits in front of the fire with a lovely dresser laden with china behind her.  Such detail on such a tiny cup.

Today is resting today because tomorrow my OH has to go for his pre-op checks in preparation for an exploratory op in a couple of weeks to see what is going on with the left knee replacement he had in August 2009.  Then the whole referral procedure has to start again as his right knee has now given up on him and he can barely walk.  The daft brush sat there this morning and said he would go back to work next week .... doh .... he can just about get to the loo without being in agony so I have no idea what makes him think he can do a half hour walk to work, an 8 hour shift and then walk home again!  What is it with men that they can't give in and admit they cannot achieve what they did in their 20s and 30s?  Quite honestly I cannot see him returning to work at all and the prospect looms of him being on the scrap heap at 55 because he will be unable to work because of his health and age.  Oh well will face that when and if it arises.

Time for a cuppa and a cake I think

Hope you all had a good weekend x


  1. Sorry to read of the problems your husband has with his knee. Hope it can soon be sorted successfully.
    Gorgeous photo of handsome Harry and his pretty cousin.
    Love your doll, my Mum gave all my dolls away to a cousin's daughter.
    You found some beautiful things at the charity shop and bootsale. The game pate pots are really nice.
    Carol xx

  2. Do hope that your OH gets sorted. A friend of mine had 2 knees replaced at the same time late last year and recently walked a mountainous walk across part of New Zealand so I do hope that all goes well for your OH.

    Such amazing bargains as usual!

    What a lovely photo of Harry and his cousin - good-looking family you have there!

    The doll is just like one I used to have many years ago ....

    Dancing on a Blade of Grass xx

  3. Love the game pots!! More photos of that collection please. Sorry about OH. I sympathise as seeing a specialist about my knees and it's no fun. Keep smiling xx